Monday, 16 September 2019

Cross training at wrong time

stats of the week: run 17 km, cycled 316 km, gym 1 h
stats of the previous week: run 53 km, gym 1 h

I know this might not be the classic way to prepare for running a marathon. But it was an urgent wish to test my new bike trailer and learn how it works on longer distances. So we left for a 3-day-trip with light luggage of 11 kg. Together with the trailer the load was around 20 kg. I was happy that I was able to cope with ascents up to 15%. However, after 3 days of tough cycling I felt to be in need of 2 days of recovery and the scheduled long run of 30 km still has to wait. 

Thursday, 5 September 2019

The Real Come Back

stats of the week: run 48 km, cycled 39 km, gym 3 h

The Half Marathon at my home town Bochum was a real come back. With an average pace of 5:21 min/km it makes a promising base for future improvements to a forgotten level. I was able to enjoy the race without any serious torment and finished with a smile. Even more, I was lucky to end up 3rd in my age group.

Now I would prefer to work on my pace and run more fast races. However, it happened that I got a number in the Berlin Marathon's lottery. So I have to fit in some last minute long runs to prepare for the classic distance.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Rising heart rate

stats of the week: run 37 km, cycled 57 km, gym 2 h

The mileage is below target due to a minor foot problem. I did some cycling instead so the overall exercise is still sufficient.

On Sunday I took part in a nice 10 K city race at Hamminkeln, a small town in the Rhine area. My goal was to test my half marathon speed. With a finish at 53:47 under very hot conditions and after a 5 K warm up this was successful.

But the main finding was that my heart rate was surprisingly high. At a level of 145 I was able to run fairly relaxed while before the heart repair this level was my utterly limit where I was no longer able to breathe. Can I hope for a better performance at an even higher heart rate?

Anyway, for the half marathon next Sunday I set my target at a pace of 5:30 min/K. We'll see if this is possible including a surviving finish.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Proper week before forced rest

stats of the week: run 42 km, gym 3 h

This week was still on schedule but the new week will end below target due to a minor foot problem. I hope this will be gone after 2 days of rest and I will be able to test my half marathon speed of 5:40 min/k at a 10 K race on Sunday.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Overfulfilled week

stats of the week: run 53 km, gym 2 h

53 km is my highest mileage since April. So it looks like things are going well. There were 10 km more than scheduled but this is due only to an easy local charity run I added. The key for more progress now is to extend the weekly long run in direction of 20 km.

One strange effect of taking anticoagulants is the frequent appearance of hematomas. Most time when I discover a new one I even can't imagine where it resulted from. Sadly I was told to take his drug for the whole of a year.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Slowly increasing

stats of the week: run 42 km, cycled 78 km, gym 1 h

I set up a training schedule leading to the Berlin Marathon. It makes very clear that there is not much time left to build up a sufficient mileage. However, my only target is to finish and get the medal.

So far I am happy that I met my schedule this week what was the highest mileage since the heart issue. I have not yet developed full confidence to my body and have to be cautious while increasing volume and speed.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Hikes and climbs

stats of the week: run 11 km, cycled 75 km, hiked and climbed 9 h
stats of the previous week: run 38 km, cycled 79 km, hiked and climbed 12 h

Hiking and climbing was the main activity as we spent our holiday at Lake Garda and later the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. However, I hope to establish running weeks of at least 40 km from now on. It's 5 weeks to the local half marathon in Bochum and 9 weeks to Berlin Marathon so I have to move to proper training. Not too strenuous of course, I will try to approach cautiously to higher mileage without any speed work.

Via ferrata Fausto Susatti with great views of Riva and Torbole.

Via ferrata Burrone Giovanni has the advantage of a descent by cable car.

For the yearly climb of the Zugspitze we chose the rarely taken ascent
from Riffelriss train station to Wiener Neust├Ądter Hut
and then the well known climb to the top.

Close to the ridge down of top of Zugspitze

Yearly cleaning of Uwe's memorial plate