Wednesday, 8 November 2017

US experience

stats of the week: run 56 km
NYC marathon: 4:22:56 h

3 weeks in the US are almost over now. It's no secret that Yosemite National Park is worth a visit. I can confirm it. Luckily I was able to do some longish hillwalks taking in the most famous views.

My holiday culminated in running my 10th New York City marathon what was also my 50th marathon overall. I was happy to keep 10 min/mile pace for the whole of the distance after I fell short of doing any long run in the weeks before. Due to the colours of my buff I was greeted as a South African several times. I look forward to coming home in 4 weeks.

Friday, 27 October 2017

High rates in female runners and bared male bodies

stats of the week: run 50 km

At least a longish run of 22 km is done - my longest since the London Marathon in April. Four long days with a big amount of walking made my Washington weekend where I guided a group of runners around the Marines Corps Marathon. A big event with more than 20,000 marathoners and additional 7,000 10K-runners. Impressively the female rate was nearly 50 per cent in the marathon and around 70 per cent in the 10K!

Choosing to run this marathon you should not be shy with military. Start is in front of Arlington Cemetry with military planes flying above, fallen heroes are celebrated on a special "blue mile". However, there cannot be any other marathon with more men running with naked upper body. It seems to be part of being hero.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Never miss your chance

stats of the week: run 23 km, cycled 94 km, gym 2 h

A cautious start to running again with time going by quickly. 3 weeks to go to NYC marathon.

My plans now are to walk for a minute every 5 K to get through the 26 miles in shape as far as possible. I am sure my time will not be worthy a jubilee marathon. But you never know if it is your last chance to run this special marathon. So I will have to take my chance.

Photo: Our local charity run was again a big success as we welcomed more than 2000 runners. Donations help heavily deseased children at the local hospital.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

At least cycling

stats of the week: cycled 321 km
stats of the week before: run 26 km, cycled 67 km, gym 3 h

No running at all for a fortnight due to increased muscle pain after the bathroom accident. How can I get to the finish of the New York City Marathon now?

At least cycling was possible and therefore made the only business during the Majorca holiday. Surprisingly I was able to set a new PB for the Galilea ascent of 4.5 km and 380 altitude meters. With 19:44 min I managed sub 20 for the first time. In 2017 so far I completed more than 6,000 cycling kilometers and 85,000 altitude meters. This is a record within the recent 6 years.

Today I started jogging again. 4.5 km. Let's see how far I will get until Nov 5.

Photos: on the famous Sa Calobra route on Majorca

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Double jubilee to come

stats of the week: run 36 km, indoor cycled 1 h, gym 3 h

Did another short race on Sunday, 7.5 km. Ran not as good as the weekend before but it was still okay, 35:44 min was one minute slower than 2 years ago at the same event.

I am very happy about the news that I have a slot at this year's New York City marathon. This will be a double jubilee: my 50th marathon and my 10th NYC.

40 days to go. Thereof 3 weeks travelling. And I did no long run since April. My jubilee is going to be a tough one.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Not slow, not fast

stats of the week: run 16 km, cycled 70 km, indoor cycled 1.5 h, gym 3 h

Still suffering from the bathroom fall I realized that the pain disappears when running. So what! I decided to test my performance at a 5 K charity run. Would have been happy with a sub 25 min and surprisingly ended up with a sub 23. However, the fastest man in my age group finished sub 19.

An awareness not really new: I am not slow but also not fast enough. Should I be able to train properly for a couple of months an improvement of one minute at 5 K might be possible. Alas, I know I should be happy to be able to jog and enjoy it. Nonetheless, I am reading Joe Friel's book "Fast after 50". A bit late but hopefully not too late.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Late season fall

stats of the week: run 28 km, cycled 165 km, gym 3 h
stats of the week before: run 25 km, gym 3 h

Earlier than I thought I got my bike out again and enjoyed easy riding without any commitment.

But now late running season was set to start. I did a promising interval session on Saturday - only to get hurt badly when I fell in the bathroom.

Diclofenac and red light now is my schedule.