Thursday, 8 September 2016

Local Highlight

stats of the week: run 29km, cycled 91km, gym 3h

Excited about my surprisingly good performance at the mountain marathon in the Karwendel I decided to run the local half marathon in my home town Bochum. This is one of my most beloved races as along the route I pass the place of my child hood no less than 7 times within the 4 laps.

As you might imagine I didn't want to show any weakness at a local race. So I set my target at 1:45 h knowing that this could be a too high line just one week after the hilly ultra marathon. So things developed. For 14km everything went fine. But then almost from one step to the other my energy was gone. The final lap of 6km was pure torture. I lost two minutes and finished after 1:46:27. But I am still happy that I was able to do two highlights within one week.

In good mood before the start.

Feeling capable after the first lap.

The finish look.

Able to smile again.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Karwendel Heaven

stats of the week: run 68km, cycled 182km, gym 2h

This year's Karwendelmarsch saw around 650 runners and 1,200 walkers starting the 52km journey crossing the Karwendel mountains from East to West. It was sold out two months in advance. The reason was obvious. It is a glorious route in a wonderful landscape with a perfect organization, richly equipped food stations and friendly volunteers. 

Three main passes have to be crossed, always with high cliffs to your right and a more green scenery to the left (North). 

My own performance was surprisingly good. After 35K and two passes my legs felt still okay and I had a very happy day. There was an opitional finish provided at this point but no doubt I decided to go on.

The third pass turned out to be the hardest one and without shadow. My slowest 1K took 21 minutes! The downhill was fast and tiring. Now my energy was gone. There was a final flat stretch on tarmac of 8K where I had to walk several times.

 Still able to smile at the finish line after 7h 43min 8sec.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Hope again

stats of the week: run 6km, cycled 58km, gym 3h

The stubborn muscle seems to give up in time. It's not yet perfect but today I was able to jog for 15km without any serious problem. Still I hesitate to make the booking for next weekend. I think I will wait until Wednesday.

However, I finished more than 400 races so far but I have never been prepared so poorly before a really challenging event. My only hope is that routine will help. At least the time limit will not scare me. The Karwendelmarsch is also open to walkers what means there are provided 14 hours to complete 52km.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fall back

stats of the week: run 45km, cycled 116km, gym 3h

I tried to increase the intake but it was too much. 2 tough runs and a long hilly ride in between provoked a strain at the right adduktor. That makes a severe fall back on the way to my next event. What should become my season's highlight.

Now it has a big question mark. At least one week of rest is required then we'll see what is possible without a really long run in the box.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Formerly merry old England

stats of the week: run 13km, cycled 116km, hiked 50km

Our Dales High Walk unfortunately had to be stopped half way after 2 days due to C's injury she suffered from an unlucky bike accident in London.

The Limestone Dales presented themselves as beautiful as they were 20 years ago when l visited last time.

Areas cared for by the National Trust stayed in unchanged beauty. See unique Malham Cove below.

What made me sad and thoughtful is that North England appeared as a forgotten and doomed country. All young people seemed to have gone, houses are run down or even abandoned, nothing has developed during the recent 20 years. Passing the town of Bradford along its Ring Road gave the impression of being in a poor third world country. And my beloved Britain will not be helped by the Brexit. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Dangerous Sunday

stats of the week: run 37km, cycled 260km, gym 2h

A good week with some more hill running at home. There are no mountains in my home area but at least at my doorstep there is a very steep alpine trail of 45 altitude meters. I simply run this up and down again and again. I have increased the load to 8 times in a row now.

Sunday saw me cycling the London Ride 100 for the 4th time. After C fell off her bike the day before caused by a longish dog lead it was a challenge to concentrate on my ride. However, I ended up after 5:12 h only one minute slower than last year although the route was so crowded that my gps showed 4 minutes of forced standing time during the ride.

(photo is taken on the Saturday's London Free Cycle, crowded too)

London Ride is a very well organized and attractive race. Alas, now it is definitely overcrowded with 26,000 riders in the main race and around 3,000 more in a beginners event that is hold on the same roads at the same time. I have never seen so many serious accidents during a cycling event. I intended to do this race every year but now I have to admit that this one was my last one. It is just too dangerous for an old man who has not many years left.

Unfortunately the Cycling event Sauerland extreme has been cancelled. I am not really disappointed because now I can concentrate on hill running to get fit for the Karwendelmarsch.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Motivation Low

stats of the week: run 30km, cycled 170km

Not a week of training I can be content with. Alas, I am 63 and it was a very hot week. On the other hand these are the kind of times when sports is not the most important matter. IS, amok, Erdogan, Trump ... it takes a high level of motivation these days to go out and run.

However, as a settled pensioner I can work my time around the risks. I never intended to travel to Turkey ... but I have to admit as long as Mr Trump is President of the US I will never run another NYC marathon nor will I travel to US. I reckon he will not be bothered as he said he will have an eye on Germans trying to get into his country.