Thursday, 27 July 2006

Some more photos of the Mount Zugspitze Race

Many thanks for your kind comments concerning the Mount Zugspitze Race. I take "Bergziege" as a compliment. And I think I can really need some luck with (the rest of) my life. There are still some dreams left to come true.

Here are some more photos of last Sunday's race. By the way the winner made it to the top in 2:06 hrs, the first lady was home in 2:29 hrs.

Alpine scenery at about half way, at height level of 2000m.

Easy running between the steeper parts.

This kind of path is called a "Klettersteig". Originally it is obviously not built for running.

The final ascent to the top.

Very last steps before the finish in the fog, height level 2960m.

Ralf organizing the well earned award, free beer as much as you can drink.

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