Friday, 18 January 2008

Forced rest

training stats
Th 16/01:
indoor cycle, 1.5 hrs
We 15/01: gym, 1.5 hrs
Tu 14/01: flat run, 9K, 0:51 hrs
Mo 13/01: indoor cycle, 1 hr

Some medical news: I received my first Hylaronan injection. No effect so far - improvements will show up after third one if at all. By chance I googled informations about a new cartilage therapy which is called Orthokin. Your blood is taken to produce a serum which then is injected into your knee. Before I do the next step - surgery - I think it could be worth to try this conservative therapy. Info
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Today I am the victim of my principle saying one workout every day. Gym followed by indoor cycling turned out to be too much (we had this before...) and resulted in a strained tendon. At least 3 rest days I suppose.

I am off for a holiday week on Gran Canaria and I leave my laptop behind me! I am sorry, no posting before Feb 01.
Happy running!

Ups! I nearly forgot to post my London training schedule. Obviously that's because I am still ignoring it.

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