Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy old year!

New Year's Eve Race: 15km, 1:06:42, 14th M55 of 226, 443th overall of 4,236

Finally it ended up to be a happy old year!

Still being in doubt if my adductors will tolerate the race I managed a speed along 15km what was event faster than recently along less than 10km. So once more the treadmill intervals approved to be efficient.

Always aware of avoiding any sidesteps I tried to concentrate running straight on and keep the injured muscle relaxed. A little Diclo may have tributed as well I have to admit. And it worked. The race was painless and for the first time since Spring I got the feeling of a proper competition. This was helped by the fashionable sun-glassed runner (#734). We changed ranks several times during last 5km and approaching the finish he challenged me to my very limit. I crossed one second ahead. Studying the results it turned out he is even younger than me. Don't I look equally fashionable?

Approaching the finish, not smiling.

Crossing the line, less smiling.
It took my adductor until the evening to start hurting again. Luckily it's not too bad and with a week of recovering and a cautious build-up I hope to be fine. To quote Lizzy Hawker:
"There is a season for everything."

Thanks for your visits all year long. Happy new year to everybody.

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