Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Inhabitants of the Alps

Trainings stats:
more hill walking and biking, still little running but slightly increased at least

Last Monday we had a rainy day and decided to visit the Alpine Zoo at Innsbruck. We met the following animals:

Mergus Merganser - Common Merganser - Gänsesäger

Capra Ibes - Alpine Ibex - Alpensteinbock

Rupicapra - Chamois - Gämse (altdeutsch: Gemse)

Marmota - Marmot - Murmeltier

Lutra lutra - Otter - Fischotter

Please come back on Friday to see my hill walking gallery of the beautiful Stubai valley.
Sunday will see 10 runners of Witten storming up Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze at 2,960meters. Unfortunately the weather forecast promises snow falling from 2,200 meters onwards.

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