Sunday, 27 March 2011

More than a come back

stats of the week: run 45k, gym 3hrs

Venloop Half Marathon 1:38:35

My today's half marathon race at Venlo one can simply regard as an old runner's sort of come back. To me it meant much, much more. It was not just a successful race - it was a significant step forward (and back) into life. Last time I raced in the Netherlands it was a nice weekend with A at The Hague and running the City Pier City race in March 2008. I remembered this while running and imagined how A would enjoy it to see me feeling happy again being in the race. These kind of thoughts strengthened me throughout the miles. I just imagined A standing by and photographing me like she did for dozens of races along decades. Of course she only was there in my thoughts but it helped a lot to know she'd like me to be a happy runner again. I finally just equalled my age graded PB! If I had known this I could have pressed myself a bit more ...

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