Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Turkey Trip

stats of the week: run 53km, gym 2 hrs

Last weekend I made my first ever visit to Turkey where I guided a group of interAir guests around the Antalya Marathon. We had two sunny and summer like days before Sunday. The view of the Taurus mountains which rise up to 3,700m was magnificent. Open minded people and a very modern city life contradicted my prejudice of a still to be developed state of law.

Sunday's weather was different. The start line was flooded and runners had to wade across the timing mats.

Turkish Handan Eser (133) is leading the pack and finally wins her age group F50 after 3:27 hrs.

For those of you who like to see more photos there is a gallery.

Regarding my own sports week I wasn't satisfied with my workouts. My legs' muscels were still hardened and I missed the scheduled long run.

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