Sunday, 28 February 2010

Double qualified

stats of the week: run 62km, 2 gyms
half marathon race 1:37:51

Initially I planned to run yesterday's half marathon race at Vreden to deliver a new qualifying time for the New York City Marathon 2010. Meanwhile I applied by referring to the same qualifying as last year and surprisingly I was already accepted. That means I got qualified for 2009 and 2010 by the same event, my Hastings Half Marathon time of March 2009.

Therefore I could start my half marathon fairly relaxed. As it happens quite often a relaxed start enables a successful run. I finished by a NYC entitling time of 1:37:51 and even better: age graded it is my second best half marathon ever! Despite my proper time I ended up placed 5th in my age group. The photo shows me on the final lap on the track defenselessly losing one rank to the grey haired competitor.

Still on track of my very low key schedule to the Two Oceans and London Marathons:

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