Sunday, 7 February 2010

No Noise for Runner-up

stats of the week: run 34km, indoor cycled 93km, 2 gyms

After one my neighbours asked if our heating system was broken - he was hearing a constant noise for hours - I didn't tell him the reason but I googled for ways to absorb the cycletrainer's sound. I have to admit it could be noticed down in the basement while I was driving in the attic.

The solution is a thick a layer of foam plastic, topped by a massive board and a rubber mat designed for washing machines. It works perfectly and even my very sensitive apartment partner doesn't mind it any more.

Even more I managed to get all the videos running with the kind help of Carsten who told me how to do it. Finally I couldn't stop cycling a number of Dolomite passes this week.

This range of active days ended by a proper 10K road race which I finished 43:40 what made me happy today. It was my 27th race at Bertlich and I am still hoping in vain to win my age group and get a cup. For the sixth time I had to settle for runner-up today. Hope there'll be another chance in future...

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