Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dreams not yet true

stats of the week: run 50km, indoor cycled 1 h, 2 gyms

It's now time to unveil my next dream to come true 2010: I have entered the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa. It's going to be my first ultra marathon - it finishes after 56km. Suddenly I had to face that it's only 7 weeks to go until race day, that is Easter Saturday. Immediately I set up a training schedule:

I might sound sort of arrogant - I regard my first ultra race as a training run for London. The above schedule contains Two Oceans in week 4 and ends with London in week 1.

The Two Oceans is a race with history and a very special one. Every runner gets two bibs - for front and back - and they show your age group. There are money prizes for each age group. And there are different medals from hour to hour at the finish. Cut off is after 7 hours, whoever is late will get nothing!

It's a hilly course, therefore my (not really) relaxed target will be to finish within the last possible hour, between 6 and 7 hrs. Then it's 3 weeks to recover for London. And another 4 weeks to the next dream, which I'll unveil later. To be honest I hope 2010 to become another year full of dreams come true.

Study my full schedule London 2010

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