Sunday, 13 March 2011

Going North

stats of the week: run 65km, gym 3hrs

With just 5 weeks to go to London Marathon day, time seems to be going by faster than ever. However, the recent week was the first one to let me hope for sort of a come back. A proper long run midweek and a decent hilly workout today ... that's a promising sign.

Plans for next Sunday are to take part in a 33K race along Germany's most fashionable island - Sylt. The run depends very much on the weather as the place is far north and exposed to the winds. I already did it four times and enjoyed it. So I look forward to getting back to gladsome days.

The race always is sold out about 10 months before race date. I don't tell you how to get in now ...


  1. Hi Uli

    Wish you a great race and a wonderful event :-)



  2. Thanks Heike, it was a gorgeous weekend and a decent race with bright sunshine. I really enjoyed it apart from the first minutes of recovery after the finish ...

    best regards