Tuesday, 3 April 2007

1:36:35 - a magic day

Su 01/04: Half Marathon Race, 1:36:35 hrs

Benita Johnson of Australia seems to be ready to run London. She won the Berlin Half Marathon in 1:08:28 hrs. She announced she would be able to run the marathon inside 2:20 what she thinks would be necessary to win London.

The male race was won by Patrick Makau Musyoki (KEN) clocking a new course record of 58:56 min. (photos taken by my son Daniel)

And what about me? I already received a couple of emails asking how I could manage to run such a fast time with that kind of emergency training I started 4 weeks ago after 2 months of rest. Honestly I don't know. It is still a miracle to me.

I guess it was just a perfect day with perfect conditions. I started slightly too fast with a speed of 4:32 min/K (7:16 min/m) and sticked to this pace. I was expecting to face problems after around 12-13 K but the K-markers went by and by and I was still able to hold the pace. My fastest one was K 13 with 4:27 and the slowest was K 20 with 4:41 when we faced strong winds from the front. The astonishing result was a time which age graded is my second best half marathon ever!

I was that happy to be back on the roads - after half the distance I felt like dancing and thought running was the most enjoyable activity one could imagine. - Okay, there is hill walking, too ...

A small Berlin weekend photo gallery:

The new Berlin main railway station.

The Reichstag where the parliament takes wise decisions - well, they should.

The top is open to the public.

Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz.

Sony Center roof inside.

Brandenburger Tor.

Berlin is Bear City.

Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse

Remains of the Wall.

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