Sunday, 15 April 2007

Dream Day

training stats
su 15/04: Pacemaking race, 10K, 0:49 hrs
th 12/04: Interval run, 22K, 2:04 hrs (with 2x fast 4K)
week's total: 52K

Since the NYC marathon was a success last year we thought it would be a good omen to do the same again and run a 10K race one week before the London Marathon. It was the premiere of a new running event in our town and organisers were very happy to welcome more than 700 runners allover the different race distances offered.

The route was challenging, hilly with lots of bends and pavements up and down and different surfaces. Adding to this there were the unbelievably high temperatures, hot summer at mid of April.

Regarding the conditions B's time of 49 mins is really impressive. She was 7th fastest women of 96 females finishing. And she won her age group! A really unexpected achievement! Disappointingly she didn't get a cup to present her children: It was an umbrella she was awarded ...

Only 2 very easy workouts are to be done now: A short slow jog on Tuesday and the travel group jog to Buckingham Palace on Saturday morning. That's it. We are ready to run London. And I would not have believed that 4 weeks ago!

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