Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Off to London

training stats: none

On Monday morning I discovered that I strained my left thigh. It probably happened while I was crouching on the road kerb for photographing the runners. I was cowering there for 2 hours after my own 10K race and it was obviously too much pulling for the tendon. It is not serious and I don't believe that my London Marathon start is in danger. But I have to admit I am still worried. No question I had to cancel the jog scheduled for Tuesday. Luckily this will not effect my performance: Training this week is just for the head, not for the muscles.

So I am off for my London No. 8 and it looks that I will achieve my lowest goal at least: To get to the start. B is still heading for a new PB - less than 3:45 - and my plans are to escort her as long as I can. I hope I can stay alongside her at least to the main highlight: the Tower Bridge which is at 20K. Further on we'll see.

I am afraid I will not be able to post before next Wednesday. Watch out the results for race number 54884.

All the best for those of you who will be running, too. Hope you will have fun and enjoy the day. I am sure you will!

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