Friday, 6 April 2007

Most is done - 2 weeks to go

training stats
Fr 06/04:
long run, 32K, 3:06 hrs
Th 05/04: slow jog, 10K, 1:04 hrs
week's total: 42K

after 20K at the banks of Lake Harkort

Training is already over this week since I think I need to recover from today's long run for at least 2 days. I have to admit it was too early to do the long workout today - with just 5 days to recover of last Sundays half marathon race.

But we leave for an Easter trip to Bruges in Belgium tomorrow and Angelika would not be pleased if I disappeared for 3 hours during the weekend instead of sightseeing or visiting the town's cafes. Especially as it was me who pushed for doing this excursion.

So there was no choice - running 30K mid of next week would be too late to recover completely before London. Luckily I could join J and U to pull me along the distance. My legs started to tire heavily after around 25K, no question caused by the recent race.

after 25K on the Ruhrtal bike path approaching the village of Wengern

Only one more longish run is to be done before London, a 20K at next Thursday or Friday. That's it. It is still an emergency schedule, with only 2 workouts longer than 25K. But I am confident it will enable me to finish the marathon inside 4 hrs.

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