Saturday, 28 October 2006

Unlucky Rehearsal

Sa 28/10/06 easy race, 10K/51min
Fr 27/10/06 gym, 1.5 hrs
Th 26/10/06 easy jogs, 8.5K/48min and 6.5K/46min

As there was a popular 10K race in our neighbour town Bochum today, we - NYC running mate B. and me - decided to go for an easy test run one week before New York. To cut a long story short: I won't call the outcome a complete success.

Even the weather fitted in: It was raining all the time. The route was full of puddles and muddy in places. We thought about finishing within less than 50 mins, but after two of six laps B. started to feel slightly unwell and we preferred to slow down. The run was supposed to be a training workout anyway, so this didn't matter. What me really annoyed was that my left thigh hardened like hell. Obviously it wasn't fully recovered from the long run last Tuesday. This week's mileage of more than 60K appeared to be too much after 3 weeks without running.

I will now throw in lots of magnesium and it looks like I should avoid any running until marathon day. Another one - like the majority of my 15 marathons - which I will start without proper preparation. So far I was able to finish each one - hope this will endure next Sunday.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Peak Gallery

21/10/06 Sat - Run 10K 0:57 hrs
23/10/06 Mo - Slow Jog 8K 0:47 hrs
24/10/06 Tu - Long Run 30K 3:02 hrs

When climbing Island Peak I took just my small camera with me. This day's photos can be looked up in a
simple gallery. Mind the blue of the sky!

Next Tuesday I will be off for the New York City Marathon 2006. So today I was happy to be able to do a final long run of 30K after the total pause of 3 weeks without running. High level trekking seems to have kept me fit enough.

The only pity is that - after 3 healthy weeks in Nepal - I caught a diarrhea at home! German food obviously is the harder challenge.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Short Success Report


this is the final stage of our trekking around the highest mountains of the world. I am back to the village of Lukla, 2800m, from where tomorrow early in the morning a very small plane will take us back to Kathmandu.

All worked out as planned, the tour was a total success. I remained healthy, albeit most fellows were not so lucky. We were able to see all the scheduled highlights such as Everest Base Camp, 5300m, climbed Kala Pattar, 5545m, and Chukhung Ri, 5546m. Certainly the top adventure was to climb Island Peak, 6189m. Six of our group of 9 trekkers made it to the top, including me! I would call this day the most emotional and remarkable day of all my outdoor life. I am so proud :-)

I took about 700 photos so far and will certainly publish a selection at my website. It will take some weeks to get this completed and I will point out it here when published.

More at the following weekend when I will be home again.

Best wishes from Nepal,

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Quick sign of life

I am sitting in an internet cafe in namche bazar, 3450m, nepal, clouds are down to earth and give me time to drop a short posting.

Trekking in Nepal is not at all a kind of adventure. Pathes are done up like in the English Lake District and lodges and restaurants can be found all the way. shops in the remotest mountain villages offer any kind of sweets, soft drinks, Nepalese beer and the food is excellent.

The monsun has just finished, the weather is fine in the mornings but not settled enough to provide completely fine days. Hopefully this will develop during the oncouming days.

I dont think there will be any internet access at the higher villages. So dont expect any further reports during next fortnight.

Hope to see you soon again.