Monday, 30 March 2015

Disappointing success

stats of the week: run 51km, gym 1.5h
Berlin Half result: 1:41:09

I know I should book this half marathon as a success. I ran faster than I expected. But the finish was still a disappointment. Until 18K I still was confident that I could finish sub 1:40.

Suddenly at Checkpoint Charly, after 18.5K, one of my worst ever cough attacks struck me down. I had to stop right in the middle of the road. Fellow runners patted on my back while I was forced to retch and my stomach turned upside down. I got back on my feet but now all ambition was gone and I tumbled to the finish in 1:41:09.

However, the unemotional analysis of my split times shows that I only lost about 60 seconds due to the cough attack. I have to admit I wouldn't have made it sub 1:40 without the cough. Anyway, it was still my best half marathon since two years.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Backdrop needs patience

stats of the week: run 12km, gym 1.5h

The week was sort of a backdrop. Caught a cold and was forced to rest.
So next Sunday's Berlin Halfmarathon will be a race without high target. The only question is when the first coughing fit will stop me. Hopefully after that breathing will be improved.

I still quarrel with last Sunday's time. As the photo shows I crossed the first line well before the official time of 3:00:02.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bad time, impressing finish

stats of the week: run 82km, indoor cycling 1h, gym 2h

I was convinced my performance level was higher than last year. But my 33.3K race on the island of Sylt ended after 3:00:02h what is almost 4min slower than last year. Surprisingly the disappointing time ranked me 4th out 31 in my age group while last year I was placed 8th of 28. Obviously the wind conditions were even harder than last year. Until 26K I still hoped to finish well sub 3h but then the strong head wind thwarted me heavily.

However, my finish seemed to be impressing as the first aid volunteers chased me a long way after crossing the line. Obviously they feared I could collapse. I kept telling them that this is my usual look at the end of a race.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cycling summer to come

stats of the week: run 54km, cycled 48km, indoor cycled 1h, gym 3h

I didn't plan it like that but now summer 2015 seems to become a cycling summer after I got places for Nove Colli, Maratona dles Dolomites, London Ride and finally the Oetztaler for the first time. The "Oetzi" makes a real challenge. I still don't regard myself as a proper cyclist but this will be my personal exam to qualify.

However, now it's time for running. 3 more races to come then I will switch to cycling and let my knees recover.

Next Sunday will see me running the Syltlauf for the 8th time. Weather forecast is fine but most important is the wind because its route goes in one direction for 33km.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Organised discipline

stats of the week: run 22km
stats of the week before: run 55km
Tokyo Marathon result: 4:14:09 h

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the world's biggest marathons counting around 35,000 finishers. Even more remarkable it is probably the marathon with the world's biggest number of marshals and volunteers. I guess there must be around 15,000 ones! Everybody of them is highly motivated and in a good temper. Like Japanese people are most of the time. For a European soul it is a very special experience to see such a perfectly organised event and to queue accurately even at the portaloo. Thousands of highly disciplined runners stay calm at the start, run their part without a sign of feelings, don't drop a single piece of rubbish and finish in style.

So did I myself. Until 35K I was able to keep the pace. Then I lost 4 minutes due to exhaustion and some nasty bridges to overcome. However, I got my medal and after next day's bath in a Japanese onsen the muscles felt recovered already.