Friday, 22 November 2013

Older and wiser

stats of last week: run 33km, indoor cycled 1h, gym 3h

Was struck down by a bad cold this week and wisely decided not to go out for any workout. This behavior makes a difference to my earlier years when I wasn't able to abstain from sports for minor illness.

Disease never comes in handy but this time at least it doesn't keep me away from any event. So I don't complain although I won't get fit enough in time for the unavoidable New Year's Eve race.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Body and Soul tired

New York City Marathon: 3:53:36

After two fast races I looked forward to running a sort of better NYC Marathon. My last sub 3:50 run dates back more than two years ago. So I started the race by a steady 8:20 min/mile pace and clocked 1:51:30 for the first half.

But already then my body and soul felt tired. The days in Manhattan were strenuous with too much trotting the pavements for about 10 miles per day. The travel group work let no time to relax. I reckon that all this led to an all over body and mind tiredness that obviously dispersed during the second half of the race. I lost 10 minutes while I stumbled the final 10K culminating in a thigh cramp 150 meters before the finish line. Eventually I wasn't unhappy by the result as it makes the end of a really successful sports year. Having completed six life decades one can be fortunate to be able to run 26 miles without more than minor pain. However, this time I was indeed proud to have run it until the end without walking.

Toronto flat iron building