Wednesday, 28 July 2021

From blue Lavender to the white tower

stats of the week: run 27 km, cycled 190 km

A proper sports week with increased running and another ride up Mont Ventoux, taking the easy way up from Sault, however, the final 2 km are always really tough.

5 weeks to Berlin, 10 weeks to London. I hope to increase distances up to 18 km in time for Berlin.

The area around Sault is famous for its vast Lavender fields.

In high season the top of Ventoux is a crowded place.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Focus on running now

stats of the week: run 20 km, cycled 139 km

Focus is on running now as there are just 5 weeks to the Berlin Halfmarathon. I am happy with my beginner's course for my calf until now but there are still doubts that I will be able to finish 21 km. Current workouts sum up to 7 km so far. Running events seem to come back finally, signs are good that London will take place on 3rd Oct.

A new hobby is beaver watching down at our local river, the Ouvèze. Every evening our friend is on time at 8.15 pm for his evening meal across the river.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

The double Ventoux and more than the Brexit

stats of the week: run 12 km, cycled 232 km 
stats of the previous week: run 7 km, cycled 73 km

Watching the pros when the Tour de France crossed Le Mont Ventoux twice was a great experience. All the  spectators behaved very well and supported every cyclist from any team and country. What a difference to Wembley stadium at the European Football Championships.

What the hell has happened to the English society? I have spent 25 years of holidays in Britain, ran 20 London Marathons and finished 4 London Rides. I have always appreciated the English way of life and how the English keep company with each other. The English were known for being the ideal of fairness expecially in sports. Now they boo the hymns of their guests and barrack other teams as soon as they got the ball. London has been the most unkind host of all championships ever. Brexit has changed much more than I thought.

However, here are some impressions of the Tour de France: