Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Hikes and climbs

stats of the week: run 11 km, cycled 75 km, hiked and climbed 9 h
stats of the previous week: run 38 km, cycled 79 km, hiked and climbed 12 h

Hiking and climbing was the main activity as we spent our holiday at Lake Garda and later the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. However, I hope to establish running weeks of at least 40 km from now on. It's 5 weeks to the local half marathon in Bochum and 9 weeks to Berlin Marathon so I have to move to proper training. Not too strenuous of course, I will try to approach cautiously to higher mileage without any speed work.

Via ferrata Fausto Susatti with great views of Riva and Torbole.

Via ferrata Burrone Giovanni has the advantage of a descent by cable car.

For the yearly climb of the Zugspitze we chose the rarely taken ascent
from Riffelriss train station to Wiener Neust├Ądter Hut
and then the well known climb to the top.

Close to the ridge down of top of Zugspitze

Yearly cleaning of Uwe's memorial plate

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Sobered days in Italy

stats of the week: run 10 km, cycled 347 km (am 5,430m)
stats of the previous week: run 23 km, cycled 84 km, gym 1 h

My first impression that my performance got improved by the repaired heart seems to have been an illusion. May be it's too early to decide. But at the moment I feel kind of injured more than repaired. May be it's too early to go through a holiday training camp in the Italian hills of the Piemont and around Lake Garda.

Training consists more of cycling than running now but this has to be changed soon. Only 7 weeks to my home town half marathon in Bochum and 11 weeks to the Berlin Marathon where I was happy to get a start via the lottery. What means I have to take my chance.

The medical check was okay but I don't really trust it. I made it up to 250 Watt where I was told to stop. I could have done more. But the check is no guarantee at all that you are fit to do a marathon.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Low key training

stats of the week: run 25 km, cycled 193 km, gym 1 h

Well, it looks like a decent week of training but I have to admit all is very low key. Cycling is mostly quite okay but running is a different thing. I am still not able to jog up the hill at my doorstep like I have been able to do for 25 years.

The hottest June ever doesn't make it easier to get back to former performances. On Thursday I undergo my first medical check-up after the heart incident. If the result will be okay I hopefully become more confident to challenge my body again.