Thursday, 29 January 2015

Freezing at home

stats of the week: run 37km, cycled 127km, gym 1h

Back home to the European winter it takes some time to get used to the temperatures. Sunday's hill run through the freshly fallen snow caused some muscle soreness.

I look forward now to having a very new experience: My first travel to Japan and the Tokyo Marathon. Focus is to stay healthy and be fit for a low-key race enjoying a different world.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

More South African Running

stats of the week: run 58km, cycled 127km

The Red Hill Classic, a 36K run at the Cape Peninsula, extended my South African running experience. The glorious route started in Fishhoek at the Indian Ocean side, moved over to the Atlantic, went South along the coast to a place called Scarborough, crossed the recognisable Red Hill, down to the other ocean again at Simon's Town and back along the coast to Fishhoek Athletic Club grounds.

My personal performance was fairly satisfactoring as I managed a 6min/K pace all over the distance, kept running even on the challenging hills and felt relaxed at the finish and the days after. This time I received No 354 at the finish among around 1000 runners.

The days schedule was outstanding: wake up 2.30am, start driving 3.15, arriving Fishhoek 5.15, start 5.30, finish 9.07am.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tight shirt, loose run

stats of the week: run 49km, cycled 60km

The 15K from Hout Bay to Clifton made my 3rd South African race and it was the most relaxed one. A slow start, a cautious climb and a long descent to the coast and the finish after 1:20:18 h. There were around 1,300 runners doing the 15K, and 1,500 on the 30K. It was a leisurely pack as my rather slow pace let me be ranked on place 193.

Don't mind the tight shirt. I mixed it up with Claudia's whose is 2 sizes smaller!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Sunset Sports

Summer temperature in Western Cape is too high to exercise during the day - at least if you are of European nature and not used to the climate. So early morning or sunset time is best for running and cycling.

Next Sunday's Ocean Basket Bay to Bay 30K starts at 6am! I'm glad to have entered the shorter 15K version which sets off at 7.30am. As we have to drive 1.5 hours to the start at Hout Bay it makes still a short night. It's a scenic route along the Atlantic coast to Camps Bay. I very much look forward to this event.