Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Stopover coastal jog

stats of the week: run 21 km, gym 2 h
stats of the previous week: run 33 km, gym 3 h

The mileage looks somewhat modest when the target to prepare for a marathon. However, have in mind that I also did 2 hiking workouts of total 42 km.

On the way to Hawaii we had a 2-day-stopover at Santa Barbara, California, and enjoyed a morning jog along the pacific coastline. On the final stretch I met a guy from Austria who made a challenging pace for the last 4 km. He told me he had a marathon PB of 2:57 and finished the Boston marathon 10 times. Good job, but too fast for me.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

No 1 gasping for breath

stats of the week: run 31 km, gym 1 h

Just returned from a strenuous week in New York City I could not resist to take part in a local 10 K race. I didn't expect my year's PB but it was worse than a bad dream. After only 2 km I gasped for breath. A dreadful cough attack followed. The rest of the distance was a pure fight for the finish.

The time was still acceptable - 52:03 - within my current potential. However, I was disappointed to touch my very limits at a speed like this.

Finally there was some comfort. As there was no really fast competitor in my age group I got the cup for number 1.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Biggest Apple ever

stats of the week: run 29 km, gym 2 h

Not running but watching the 49th New York City Marathon was still great fun. I enjoyed seeing all the happy faces at mile 14 between Pulaski and Queensborough bridge. With more than 53,000 finishers it was the biggest marathon ever. No doubt that the 50th edition will beat this.

The leading ladies still close together. Jepkosgei got the crown.

First group of leading men. Winner Geoffrey Kamworor hides in the middle of the pack.

German Arne Gabius misses Olympic qualification by one place as he ends up 11th.

Former WMM champion Irina Mikitenko on her late way to collect one more star.
Without proper training she still manages a sub 3 hours finish.