Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hill at the doorstep

stats of the week: run 45km, cycled 182km, gym 2h

It was a step forward to decent training. I integrated hill training coz last year it helped me to improve my overall fitness without too much strain for the joints. Just at my doorstep there is a steep alpine style path of around 60m altitude difference which I ran up six times. This should make my legs stronger what helps on longer distances as well.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Cautious Come Back

stats of the week: run 9km, cycled 53km, gym 4h

This is how I looked like after 4 hours of running with almost no drinking and eating ... (photo by Isaak Papadopolous)

A slow marathon has one advantage: Your muscles recover more quickly. So I could get back to some movements without major problems. However, I got the impression that my aging process has done another significant step forward. Training should be planned more cautious now and recovery time more regularly.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Worst ever

London Marathon finished: 4:16:31

It was my 15th London and my 39th overall. And it was the worst ever!

Already during the night and before the start I noticed something wrong. The first 10K felt good but soon I knew it was going to become a bad day. Half way at 1:55h looked still okay. After 27K I had to pay the loo a visit. Hoped everything would get better after that. It got worse. Started to walk before 30K. As I wasn't able to drink or eat anything I feared to get hypoglycemic and walked the final 2 miles all the way.

Disappointed Mo Farah said: "It was just a bad day in the office." So it was, what a shame for such a nice sunny day and the best London crowds ever.

My first thought was: "Better give up the long distances." First action at home was: Applying for the next marathon. 5 weeks to go. Things can't get worse now.

Achim and the London Lovers:
4 Runners - 50 Londons

Monday, 7 April 2014

Forced Rest

stats of the week: run 5km, cycled 51km, gym 5h

As you see it was a week of problems. Pain in the adductor muscles changed from leg to leg and back again and isn't yet gone. I do not really doubt that I will be able to run the marathon. But it is better to relax as long as possible. It gives some solace that by now running won't improve my performance anyway.

At least I will feel rested by Sunday. Good luck everybody running in London or anywhere else.