Sunday, 24 February 2008

Worn out

training stats
week's total:
4 runs 51K, 1 bike ride 69K, 1 gym session
Su 24/02: long run, 24K, 2:16 hrs
Sa 23/02: bike ride, 69K, 2:52 hrs
Fr 22/02: jog, 5K, 0:30 hrs
Th 21/02: run, 12K, 1:06 hrs
We 20/02: gym 2 hrs
Tu 19/02: run 10K, 0:58 hrs
Mo 18/02: rest

Most runners will know the situation: You are feeling tired and worn out and you don't know any substantial reason for it. Since Wednesday eve I have been really tired. I don't feel like being ill - I am just weak. After a few steps of running I have to fight to get along.

Precautiously I monitored my heart rate during today's long run - I toiled for more than 2 hours but my heart rate stayed at a perfect level between 70 and 75 per cent of my max rate. I was prepared to stop my workout to avoid any risk but there was no forceful sign to do so.

May be it is just the unusual spring time weather we have in February. It is rest day tomorrow and I hope this will help.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

On track

training stats
week's total: 3 runs 42K, indoor cycle 1h, gym 2 sessions
Su 17/02: hilly jog, 21K, 2:07 hrs
Sa 16/02: gym 2 hrs
Fr 15/02: 12K, 1:08 hrs
Th 14/02: indoor cycle 1 h
We 13/02: gym 2 hrs
Tu 12/02: jog, 10K, 1:06 hrs
Mo 11/02: rest

This is the 3rd week I could fulfill my schedule which I regard as a success although I have to admit that my schedule is VERY low key.

The experiences along my different workouts might be of interest to those of you who also suffer from the symptoms of "Runner's knee". I found that very slow jogging - like I did on Tuesday - increases problems and causes pain after the run. On the other hand indoor cycling proved to ease these problems. I estimate that within one hour of indoor cycling the knee is bent at least 5,000 times! Common sense says that an arthritic joint has to be moved not to get worse. After one hour of constant cycling my knee seems to be stronger and more solid.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Cautiously increased mileage

training stats
week's total: run 39K, bike 102K, gym 1 session
Su 10/02: hilly jog, 17K, 1:41 hrs
Sa 09/02: bike, 59K, 2:30 hrs
Fr 08/02: bike, 43K, 1:51 hrs
Th 07/02: jog, 11K, 1:11 hrs
We 06/02: gym 2 hrs
Tu 05/02: run, 12K, 1:06 hrs

Received my 3rd Hyalaronan injection and the doc advised to wait a fortnight to decide if any more ones will be useful. The knee still feels sort of weak but as long as I am able to increase my mileage there is no reason to complain.

Most effects of climate change are seriously worrying but I have to admit that sunny and warm days in February are not really unwelcome. Biking in sunshine is so much more fun than indoors.
I enjoyed two bike trips in fabulous weather.

I will join a training camp of our local triathlon club next month on Mallorca. So long I thought it is just biking what we will do but now I learned that it will be a combination of biking and running! I will have to take care not to come back more exhausted than I leave.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Schedule started - views of Gran Canaria

training stats
week's total: 3 runs 34K, gym 2 sessions
Su 03/02: hilly run, 15K, 1:28 hrs
Sa 02/02: gym 2hrs
Th 31/01: jog, 11K: 1:10 hrs
We 30/01: gym 2 hrs
Tu 29/01: run, 8K, 0:45 hrs
Su 27/01: run, 11K, 1:00 hrs
Th 24/01: run, 8K, 0:44 hrs

We enjoyed our week of hill walking on Gran Canaria. Here are some pics to show how different the island's landscape is.

This is what we came for. Spectacular rocks in the center of the mountainous isle.

Entertaining but easy walking routes passing old villages like El Chorillo which is built like an eagle's nest between rocky peaks.

Daily life below the West coast cliffs.

The most common picture of Gran Canaria is the one of the Maspalomas Dunes. I had to take care not to catch any naked person on the photo. Walking across the area you get the impression that 2 of 3 people are undressed, thereof 90% are male - most of them not really young - and thereof 90% are gay.

Meanwhile my 12-week-schedule to the London Marathon has started. I am already behind my targets, albeit not seriously. The next 3 weeks will tell if the odd knee is ready to cope with higher mileage.

More about Gran Canaria at
My 12-week-schedule (xls)