Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cycling to the sky

stats of the week: run 10km, cycled 280km, gym 2hrs

With the 3LänderGiro done  including Stelvio pass my body needed nothing more than rest.
The week started less promising as the calf muscle problem had turned back and I had to stop the Tuesday jog and havn't jogged a step since then.

However, with a taped leg cycling was possible and I surprisingly set a new pb of 8.34 hrs in the 168km race - some 15 minutes faster than 2 years ago but this was eased by a convenient back wind in the Engadin valley.

This week saw some cautious biking on Timmelsjoch and Jaufen pass before the next race -
Maratona dles Dolomites - takes place tomorrow. But to get back to running it will take another couple of weeks.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stelvio waiting

stats of the week: run 23km, cycled 156km, gym 3hrs

2 weeks made a long time of waiting to get back to running and first steps were very very cautious. Now the calf problem seems to be solved but concentration has to focus on cycling for next 3 weeks.

I am not as fit as last year and there are doubts if I will be able to climb to Stelvio Pass in time next Sunday. But when the weather is fine I'll try.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Back on Bike

stats of the fortnight: run 13km, cycled 301km, gym 6hrs

With 2 weeks gone I am still recovering from the last marathon. The calf muscle didn't appreciate running again and I was forced to have a full week of rest. Now I am happy to be back on the bike at least.

We had a jolly 2-day-journey to Westphalia's second highest mountain, Kahler Asten 841m, and back home again - overall distance 300K and 3300 vertical meters. I have to admit it was high time to get some hill training and get fit for Stelvio Pass in 2 weeks.