Monday, 26 March 2012

Together with Irina - 4 weeks to go

stats of the week: run 60km, gym 2 hrs

Just 4 weeks from today on. What means that only 3 weeks of proper training are left. Luckily I came back this week in spite of a mild cold.

My countdown is the same schedule as Irina Mikitenko's. Half marathon race on Easter Monday in Paderborn, Full marathon two weeks later in London. I look forward to comparing our performances on both events.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


stats of the week: run 14km, gym 2hrs

As you see the week was a steep setback. After the enjoyable Syltlauf of 33km I suffered from a muscle problem and had to rest several days. In addition to that I caught a cold on the weekend when I went for a short trip to the German Alps and wasn't prepared to stand on a glacier for hours. After the Syltlauf every runner received a box of cough sweets. They're very appreciated now.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Diet race

stats of the week: run 53km

To spend the weekend on Germany's poshest North Sea island and in its ugliest coastal village was somewhat depressing as I had to stay on my own.

However - the 33.3K race was a personal success. Despite a noticable headwind and minor digesting problems I clocked 2:53:22 hrs. 3 minutes faster than last year and one minute faster than two years ago!

Really surprising: Due to my active stomach I drank only 0.4 liters of energy drink and gulped just half a portion of energy gel - and this diet made me able to increase the speed on the final 5K. No cramps, no blue lips at the finish.

Average pace was 5:12 min/K (8:23 min/mile) which would make a marathon in 3:39 hrs. May I dream of this?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Peak Week - 7 weeks to go

stats of the week: run 63km, indoor cycling 25km, gym 4hrs

After this week containing an interval speed session and a very long Sunday run
it 's now urgent time for a recovery week. I look forward to treating my legs and body with care for some days ... alas, the weekend awaits me with a non-published long race. I didn't intend to do it again but for some reasons there's no other choice by now. Nevertheless I'm quite sure I'll be enjoying it.