Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Sort of come back

stats of the week: run 9 km, cycled 237 km
stats of the previous week: cycled 393 km

The Santini Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux is a professionally organized event for more than 2,000 participants. There is an option of two routes you can choose during the race. The decision comes after 42 km. My own option was clear in advance. No more than the short route of 78 km and 2,400 altitude meters should be possible for me. The long option had 130 km and 3,300 am, including the far more challenging ascent from Bedoin to the top of Mt Ventoux.

My short route went to Ventoux from Sault what was a surprisingly easy ascent with grades of not more than 8%. Only the final 2 km to the summit were tougher with 11%.

My goal was to ride with a sub 130 b/min heart rate. I successfully kept to this strategy and enjoyed the whole day. There were no problems with my repaired heart, I even felt stronger than before the incident. However, I hold back myself in respect and kept a gap to my limit. Surprisingly this performance was strong enough to finish in the middle of the pack (450 of 860) and within the first half of my age group (17 of 41).

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Still recovering

stats of the week: run 16 km, cycled 152 km, gym 1 h

At the Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux next Sunday I will have to stick to the short route and take it easy. I will aim to keep my heart rate below 120 b/min and enjoy the ride. It definitely is not a competition for me.

The area around Mont Ventoux is a wonderful region for cycling. Many quiet and challenging roads, friendly car drivers, many other cyclists, good but very expensive ice cream. Not to mention the wine. Alas - for vegetarians it's a sparse place. I reckon this is valid for the whole of France.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Cautious life

stats of the week: run 12 km, cycled 170 km

Having in mind that I had this serious heart issue the week before it is surprising that the stats show  no week without any training. After the medical interference I started with senior like walking and after 5 days I jogged 5 km at a rehabilitation pace. Also cycling is done cautiously still.

Sadly I had to cancel my start at the 4trails that take place in 5 weeks. Too early for me. My hope is to be back on the roads for the Bochum Halbmarathon in my home town in early September.