Saturday, 27 June 2020

Decent week - almost

stats of the week: run 40 km, cycled 56 km

It was a decent week of running although I did only short distances. Since Corona I havn't run a single long run of more than 20 km. Running performance is still low and most of my workouts were sort of a torment. I remember times when I enjoyed the Runner's High regularly but those times are gone since long. However - never give up!

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Another Comrades Medal

stats of the week: run 32 km, cycled 183 km, hiked 25 km

It was a busy and satisfying week. Cycling meant a 2-day-trip from Rhine to Maas on my cross bike towing a trailer with 15 kg baggage. Good exercise although it was a very flat route. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the Netherlands.

Hiking meant the first half of a hilly local marathon route I published at the Alltrails platform.

And running included the unique opportunity to get a Comrades medal for running only 10 K. The worldwide virtual race counted more than 35,000 participants on distances from 5 to 90 K!

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Weariness and a race

stats of the week: run 23 km, cycled 217 km

I enjoy cycling but running feels unusually hard these days. Without knowing any reason for it I sense running as a physical burdon.

However, I was fit enough to accompany C on a 5 K race that took place in spite of Corona. A field of 250 runners was started in pairs every minute. So the start procedure took more than 2 hours but it still felt almost like a proper race.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


stats of the week: run 14 km, cycled 113 km, hiked 23 km

Another low level week owing to some minor muscle problems but adding to this I underwent my very first racebike fall after at least 15 years of cycling. It happened without anyone else involved when I overlooked a small step while passing a construction area. Luckily I was quite slow and only suffered skin surface injuries.

Following the George Floyd murder and the president's behaviour I count 4 countries I would be very unhappy to live in: North Korea, China, Russia, USA. And I am not sure about the ranking.