Sunday, 29 March 2009

Recovered by record week

stats of week 5: run 65K, 1 gym

As you see I once more managed to beat the schedule! Nevertheless I got some recovery by cancelling the cross training workouts: no cycling, just one gym session, so I had rest days on Monday and Wednesday. Finally I found today's long run of 20 miles easier than 18 miles last Sunday.

Just a short look back at Hastings. I was really happy to receive the Hastings Observer, a weekly local newspaper the organisers sent as a nice surprise. And I proudly will show the Hastings award on my presentation desk in the guests' loo. The Brass depicts William The Conqueror banqueting after his famous victory over King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066:

Next Sunday I will be part of the Berlin Half Marathon, a really big and attractive event with more than 20,000 runners taking part. I hope to have some fun as I will once again be allowed to work as a pacemaker for B who always guarantees enjoyment.

Friday, 27 March 2009

German Humour - unintended

Off topic

Find of the day in local newspaper "RuhrNachrichten":

It may be sort of a try to implement English black humour to serious Germans. At first glance one can be amused by naming the club's shooting after the most important Christian festival.

The above clipping shows an invitation to the "Easter Shooting" of the local gun club. What turns it into a morbid event - it is "open to all friends of the sports gun from 12 years on". I am not sure whether it can keep us calm that it doesn't take place in a school.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hurting legs and 5 weeks to go

stats of week 6: run 58K, gyms 1

Once again I managed to put more miles into the box than I had scheduled. But I have to admit that I am close to my limits now. Calves are hurting, legs feel heavy, the overall state of fitness seems to drop down significantly. My body is crying for some days of recovery. I think I'll have to rest for one or two days now. My most important target still is to get to the start in London, overdoing would set this on risk.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Perfect rehearsal

training stats: run 46K, cycled 1hr, 2 gyms

Apart from visits to London I haven't been to Britain since 2005 which is really a pity. Coming to England is like coming home. Setting foot on British ground let me feel better. Logically my Hastings Half Marathon turned out to become a big success!

After having a look at the route profile the evening before the race I was totally frightened. I knew that there was a climb at the beginning ... But I didn't expect the organisers to put in every hill around Hastings they could find. It is a really tough race.

However, conditions were perfect with sunshine and 13°c. Frightened as I was I started carefully and later I got more and more surprised by my own performance. Still able to smile on the promenade stretch I set a new age graded PB of 1:36:50 (= 1:23:22 = 71,6% perf.grade)!

The theory suggests that I would be able to run a full marathon well below 3:30... Alas I know that the longer the distance the weaker I run - but be sure I will try.

Photo: Kiplimo Kimutai of Kenya made the lead right from start to finish and cut off nearly 3 minutes off his own winning time of last year. He clocked an impressive 1:02:50 and crossed the finish line more than 3 min ahead of the runner-up.

Photo 2: The winning lady, Caroline Hoyte, had only 26 men in front of her at 1:16:56.

Photo 3: No 716 is a very happy finisher.

See complete gallery at

Sunday, 8 March 2009

7 weeks to go

stats of week 8: run 62K, 2 gym workouts

It was high time to do my first proper longish run. On Wednesday I completed 26K thereof the final 10K at increased speed. Everything was fine but I ended up so tired that I had to cancel the indoor cycling course on Thursday. However, once again the week's mileage was higher than scheduled. So far I would call my spring training the best I have had since 2004.

I feel very sorry for Paula Radcliffe who is once again out of the race. I was looking forward to seeing her competing with Irina Mikitenko. The crowds will be less big now. I reckon it was Paula's last chance to run the ordinary London Marathon. Next year she plans to have another baby year, and then she'll have to build up for the Olympics London 2012.

Now it's a week of short tapering for the Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday, March 15.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lanzarote Gallery

Please refer to the following page to view some photos of our Lanzarote cycling week:

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Surprisingly fit

stats of week 9: run 44K, cycled 450K (4800 hm)

I regard the recent week on Lanzarote my toughest week of training ever. The island is really perfect for race biking with good roads, few traffic, and hills that are just high enough to be a challenge while beeing not too steep. We did daily rides between 67 and 120 K with average height meters of more than 1,000. I was surprised that I was able to keep up with F. who usually is a tough biker but I am not sure if the reason was my strength or his weakness. Anyway, it was a great and successful week! I will come up with photos shortly.

The upcoming target now is to do some longer runs to build up endurance for London. Next highlight is my taking part in the famous Hastings Half Marathon which is one of my dreams since very long.