Sunday, 31 March 2019

Too much for my legs and me

stats of the week: run 60 km, gym 1.5 h

It was a decent amount of mileage this week. Alas, it turned out to be too much. At the end of yesterday's long run of 28 km, I was so exhausted I could hardly move any more. The feeling afterwards was like I had run a full marathon distance!

Now the only option is to recover until next Sunday to deliver a proper half marathon in Berlin. However, after yesterday's performance I doubt that I will be fresh enough to have a good race.

Well, I have to admit this bad long run would not have been necessary to prepare for a half marathon. It was scheduled looking at the next target in 4 weeks: The London Marathon.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

There's the Cup!

stats of the week: run 31km, gym 2h
stats of the previous week: run 56km, gym 1h

An old man's modest dream came true when I entered the stage to receive my cup for the 3rd place in my age group at the legendary Syltlauf. Well, there was a bit of luck as all of the 5 runners in the higher age group of M70 were faster than me. Nevertheless I was happy and content with my time of 3:09h for the 33.3km along the whole of the island from South to North. There is even hope for more as the final 3 km were the quickest of the whole distance.

Still on schedule, two weeks to go for Berlin Half Marathon.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Schedule completed

stats of the week: run 72 km, gym 1 h

7 weeks to go till London, with two more highlights on the way to it: the 33.3K Syltlauf and the very big Berlin Half Marathon.

I completed the scheduled mileage but still have no proper 30K run in the box. However, I am happy that I could get through 87 K in 8 days on Lanzarote. The volcanic Canarian Island is a perfect place for running. We did flat jogging along the endless promenades between Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen but you can also opt for trail routes along the coast or across the hills.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Private training camp

stats of the week: run 43 km
stats of the previous week: run 40 km, gym 3 h

Successfully finished the hilly 26 K race at slow speed. Only finishing matters and having a longish run in the box.

Now a private one-week running camp on Lanzarote has started. Well, I skipped the 30K jog but at least I did 2 runs in one day counting 24 K, what is not too bad. I try to complete an intensive week with a mileage of at least 80 K. Half is done so far.

Some impressions of Lanzarote and neighbour island La Graciosa. As we abandoned the bikes this time we get some new experiences of the island on foot.