Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Grand Canyon Day

Not me!

Don't worry, folks, I'm back safe and sound. As it turned out that I was much faster than expected I had a leisurely breakfast at Phantom Ranch and added a detour to Plateau Point, a viewpoint well worth the effort.

Having started at 5.20am at South Kaibab trailhead I arrived at Suspension Bridge at 7.45am, reached Plateau Point at 11.45am, had an extensive lunch break, left at 1.15pm and arrived at Bright Angel Trailhead at 4pm. A grand day in Grand Canyon!

Sunrise on South Kaibab trail

The famous Phantom Ranch, a surprisingly bucolic place

Just half way up!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Hike of the Day

stats of the week: run 11k, some hillwalking

The photo shows the upper part of the famous Bright Angel Trail, leading from the South Rim of Grand Canyon via Indian Garden right down to Colorado River. Usually it is used for the way up while the South Kaibab Trail provides the way down. Together it makes for a 26K hike with a difference of 1,500 vertical meters. Many signs and serious advice warn the hikers not to attempt it as a day trip. Could they think of me saying this? Tomorrow is the day I have been longing for since decades. By own choice I will get up at 4am and take the first bus at 5am! Plans are to be back at 5pm.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weeks of Watching

stats of the week: no running, just walking Utah

My calves needed time to recover. Never it has been so easy to refrain from running. So far I regarded Nepal and Iceland as the most exciting places I have ever been to. Well, St. Kilda and Fair Isle have to be mentioned. But now I am seeing Utah, a kind of landscape no artist would be able to invent.

Within 5 days I walked nearly all provided trails in Zion and Bryce National Parks. I can't get tired of watching. Today on Byway 12 I turned and drove the same route once more. Just to see it again.

Be invited to see my Zion and Bryce galleries on piccasa.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Great Day in Chicago

stats of the week: run 58km, cycled 40km

Folks, I havn't cheated und I'm not kidding. Today it was one of the really surprising days a runner rarely experiences. After two summer injuries and a very low level sort of training I made a cautious start at today's Chicago Marathon.

Then it happened that I was overtaken by a 3:50 pacemaker and found his speed convenient. My eyes didn't lose him all the distance and I couldn't believe my own legs that I was able to run the two halves of the marathon in almost exactly the same time. That made a finish after 3:50:33 - a sudden success.

No wonder that happiness didn't let me feel exhausted at the finish and I enjoyed to be cheered by the volunteers.

Sunrise above start area:

Off we go:

Back we are:

Personal happiness:

Thanks to the volunteers: