Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My London Struggle

Definately this couple did better than me! Samuel Wanjiru didn't worry about the high temperatures and won by course record of 2:05:10.

Irina Mikitenko (GER) defended her title and surfed to a safe victory after 2:22:11.

After 11 miles I managed to show high spirits but I already knew that this wasn't going to be the best of my days.

Finally having received my medal I was looking content - and I really was. The main target was to finish my 10th consecutive London Marathon. Shouldn't I be happy about this achievement?

Until 35K I was still on target of running 3:30. But right from the start I felt something wrong. With 5K into a marathon one should feel completely fresh like just started. But I felt tired already. Nevertheless I tried to stick to my time schedule. There was a refresh after half way and new hopes emerged. But after 30K I got slower and felt sick. With just 1 K to go I got a strong and sudden cramp at my right hamstring. I lost 2 minutes to get over it. Finally I was lucky that my sickness didn't get worse before I reached The Mall but only 3 meters behind the finish line where I was ashamed to have to vomit repeatedly. A tough finish!

3:35:31 still makes my fastest marathon since my PB in 2004. And just 11 seconds slower than my very first marathon in 1991 - when I was 18 years younger. The longer I analyse last Sunday's result the happier I get...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Finished - 3:35:31

I'll tell you later how tough it was. One of my toughest, so I am happy with my result which is the best marathon since 5 years ago.

Race number 54897

Greetings from London

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Perfect weather?

The forecast has now changed to heavy rain and 15°c. This kind of scenery would be perfect. I performed my PB in 2004 in constant rain.

I am off to London tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't yet know my race number. Hopefully you can follow me by
LIVE results along the race.

Honestly - I will be happy to reach the finish line. It would be my 10th London Marathon in a row - enough to be proud of whatever the time.

Whether you run in Bonn or Bielefeld, in Hamburg or London, have a good race and great fun.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Vienna and before the final week

stats of week 2: run 58K, cycled 73K, 1 gym

Greetings from Vienna where I guide a group of runners around the 26th Vienna Marathon.
One of the town's famous landmarks: The old big wheel

The very typical residents' view of the world: (And you should hear them speaking ...)

The pasta party is a "Kaiserschmarrn Party", held in the town hall:

A half marathon runner in high spirits shortly before the finish:

I now nearly finished the best marathon training I have done since 2004. But I very much doubt that I will be able to run 3:30. I think I can do something around 3:40... but I'll try anyway. The weatherforecast promises a rainy race day what would be the best case for me.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

56 and very tired

stats of week 3: run 56K, cycled 4hrs, 2 gyms

I am 56 now. FIFTY-SIX! When I was 24 my father died of a double heart attack. He was aged 56. Since then I always have imagined myself to pass away at 56.

However, I don't feel like dropping dead tomorrow. In fact I feel like 40! Okay, there is lost hair, a weak sight, wonky teeth, arthritic knees, a deaf ear. Er - I have to admit this doesn't sound like 40 ... but most body functions are still working! Come back in April 2010 to see if I still will be alive.

Once again I missed a running workout this week. I did a tough cycling tour instead, so I am not concerned. But today I had trouble to get through my urgent long run of 30K. I got so tired I don't think that I would have been able to finish a marathon today... It will be really important to recover satisfyingly until race day.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Beauty and Berlin

stats of week 4: Run 46km, Cycled 30min, 1 gym

Due to travelling to Berlin I missed a running workout but there is no reason to worry. Berlin Half Marathon was a very good speedy run (1:48:02) what makes up for the lost mileage. I was happy to be tolerated as B's pacemaker - in fact it was just sort of escorting.

German readers might enjoy my photo report, B's fans will definitely like the gallery, and finally there are some videos.