Monday, 27 December 2021

Year of records ends / blog moves

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stats of the week:
run 16 km, Zwift cycled 78 km, hill walked 40 km
stats of the recent week: run 11 km, Zwift cycled 72 km, hill walked 27 km, gym 2 h 
stats of the week before: run 4 km, Zwift cycled 152 km, gym 2 h

A year of both kinds of records approaches its end. The negative record is that I only ran 714 km this year which is a weekly average of a mere 14 km, by far the lowest distance since 25 years. My only comfort is that I could finish the London Marathon once more and even by an acceptable time.

The positive record is that I made more than 7,000 km on the bike, more than ever before. However, thereof 2,800 km were indoor with Zwift which I learnt to enjoy this year. The next year will hopefully become a bike year again as I plan to realise a long kept dream of a long cycle journey.

Thursday, 9 December 2021

New setback

stats of the week: zwift cycled 24 km, gym 2 h
stats of the previous week: run 22 km, zwift cycled 45 km, gym 2 h

The photo gives a wrong impression. I had to stop my 7.5 K race after 4 K due to a suddenly strained calf. I walked on until I was reached by C and we ran the final 1 K to the finish together. I wonder how long this injury will last as it is the same that last time prevented me from running for more than 3 months. This time I will be more cautious.