Sunday, 26 April 2020

Increased sadness

stats of the week: run 25 km, cycled 175 km, hiked 36 km

What a sad day! For the first time after 20 years - a third of my life - there is no London Marathon for me. There was no action necessary to have this in mind but to increase the grief I was wearing London Marathon finisher shirts all week.

The event is officially postponed to 4th October, but I doubt that it will take place. Today first thoughts were published that the marathon could be limited to the elite field. That would make another very sad day.

I wonder how long hiking through the local woods can keep us in a good mood. The situation starts to get depressing especially there is no end to be seen.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Tough lonesome job

stats of the week: run 19 km, cycled 145 km, hiked 44 km

Did another virtual lonesome race, this time a 10 K on a flat local bike path. The speed was rather okay as I finished after 53:00 min. Usually I enjoy running speed intervals on my own but to keep up the pace for a total of 10 K without any competitors is a tough job. Alas I feel a rising motivation now to get back to speed training.

The Berlin Marathon that was scheduled for 27th Sept is already cancelled. I doubt that London will take place on 4th October.

We still try to stay in good mood by hiking the local woods.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

New heart rate wake up custom

stats of the week: run 8 km, cycled 130 km, hiked 51 km

During the first Corona panic I bought a treadmill to ensure exercising while being locked-in. Luckily we are still allowed to run and cycle outside. However I developed a new morning habit. To accelerate my morning sub 40 b/sec heartrate I walk 2 km on the treadmill to wake up before breakfast. That really helps my body to get under way.

Corona time is hiking time. As you see my weekly mileage schedule is still fulfilled thanks to long walks through the local woods. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Worst ever

stats of the week: run 40 km, indoor cycled 1.75 h

I was so silly to run a personal Berlin Halfmarathon without proper training. And there were more faults. I didn't warm up. I started too fast. I ignored the temperature, it was the year's first warm day. This process ended up with one of the most gruelling experiences of running I ever had. It was my 62nd half marathon but the first one when I had to walk parts of it due to exhaustion. I finished after depressing 2:04:20 h. I am not sure if it is depressing too that I was the oldest runner taking part in this virtual race.

Lonesome at the startline what should have been my 7th Berlin Halfmarathon.

By the way: Imagine you get a fly into your throat but hesitate to cough because people would be scared you are spreading the virus. I was nearly puking until I got enough distance to surrounding walkers.