Sunday, 30 September 2012

Unscheduled Bike Days

stats of the week: run 44km, cycled 70km, gym 2hrs

This was the scene midweek, seen from my home's kitchen window. I looked up wiki how a rainbow and its light area develops but couldn't understand it and therefore forgot the explanation immediately.

Finally I seem to get ready for Chicago roads in time but still my longest run was 1 h 25 min. Not the perfect preparation for a marathon. As it is hopeless anyway I agreed to insert a couple of bike days on the island of Mallorca - it's always worth the short journey even when it's raining on the hills like it did today. However, I and my legs were happy to combine a bike and run workout.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Building up too late

stats of the week: run 33km
13 days to go to Chicago Marathon ... while I have extended my training distance to 12km today.

Unfortunately there is no red wine provided on the windy city route. I will have to stick to water and energy drinks. No temptation to take walking breaks but I will have to. I am selected to start in Corral C for a sub 4 hours finish but I will be happy to finish within 4:30.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Starting US autumn

stats of the week: run 7km, cycled 70km, gym 4 hrs

Finally the annoying calf seems to have recovered and I unpatiently try to build up a new schedule. Just 18 days to go to the next event: My first Chicago Marathon - a missing major race I am keen to be part of.

How will I do after 5 weeks with hardly any running? Still hoping to do a 20K-jog next week and hoping this will enable me to finish a 42K-toddle in windy city.

Didn't know that my name is that frequent in US ... 10 runners called "Sauer" entered Chicago Marathon!

Last Name First Name Gender City State Start Assignment Charity Organization Reg ID
Sauer Carolyn F Chicago IL CORRAL M 45162189
Sauer Christopher M Chicago IL CORRAL F 45162835
Sauer Jacob M Lakewood CO CORRAL K 45236610
Sauer Jennifer F Loveland OH CORRAL M 45232955
Sauer Jennifer F Missoula MT CORRAL B 45225988
Sauer Kathy F Verona WI CORRAL L 45185665
Sauer Lindsey F Chicago IL CORRAL D Chicago Run 45165214
Sauer Luciano M Escazu SAN JOSE CORRAL D 45153702
Sauer Michael M Chicago IL CORRAL J 45232242
Sauer Quincy F Indianapolis IN CORRAL J 45164778
Sauer Ulrich M Witten GERMANY CORRAL C 48486002

Monday, 10 September 2012

18,000 yards of vine

stats of the week: run 18km, cycled 56km

Constant problems with my injured calf forced me to alter my plans and shortcut the marathon to only 18km. Medoc is the only event I'd consider this. It would be a sin to refrain from vine tasting - the final 18km boast 10 stations and I didn't miss any of them. To avoid cheating I removed the time chip from the bib and just made my way as an unknown drinker.

humans flying over starting masses

you may take more than one glass

drinking in better style

the oyster bar signalizes the near finish line

helping hand serves with shower

Monday, 3 September 2012

Still waiting for come back

stats of the week: cycled 130km, gym 4hrs

Next Saturday will see me experimenting. After 4 weeks without running and still working to cure my calf I'll do a marathon. Alas it's not any marathon it's the red wine one. Medoc! 22 stations of samples of best Bordeaux wines.

I've laid out my plans. Run first half - walk second half - drink both halves.
This will hopefully and happily end after around six hours.

special drink station at Medoc Marathon (photo: official website)