Sunday, 25 May 2008

Facing next challenge

training stats
Su 25/05:
walk/jog, 9K, 1:10 hrs
Sa 24/05: hilly bike, 101K, 800hm, 4:30 hrs
Th 22/05: hilly bike, 100K, 1600hm, 4:40 hrs
We 21/05: gym 1.5 hrs and jog/walk, 7K, 0:45 hrs
Th 20/05: gym 1.5 hrs

I am happy that the arthritic knee tolerates long bike tours without mourning. After Thursday's hilly tour I was totally exhausted. But this was just half of the height meters waiting for me at the Alpine bike race in 4 weeks. I will have to fight to beat the official time limit. Start is at 6.30am and one has to reach the first pass after 68K distance and 2,000 height meters before noon. I guess it will be a really new experience for me.

However, the knee's next challenge takes place at Stockholm next Saturday at 2 pm. Once again I will try to stay close to B as long as the pain allows. To reach the finish line would be a great achievement.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Almost another Wonder

training stats
Su 18/05:
half marathon race, 21.1km, 1:42:48 hrs
Fr 16/05: hilly bike, 41K, 1:45 hrs
Th 15/05: cautious jog, 8K, 0:44 hrs
We 14/05: gym 2hrs
Tu 13/05: jog/walk, 7K, 0:45 hrs

As you see above I was able to finish Sunday's half marathon race. I call it my Diclo Race. Only with thanks to Diclofenac I managed to get along. This was my medicine schedule:

Thursday: 1 pill (50mg diclo)
Friday: 2 pills
Saturday: 3 pills
Sunday: 2 pills before the race and another 1 after

I only document my behaviour to set an example how NOT to do it. I desperately wanted to run the race as it is my home town where I pass my former work center and even the hospital where I was born, and lots of more places making personal history for me. It's like a promenade through my life. And there is no other race where I meet more friends, colleagues and aquantainces than here.

My knee was fine until 8 km when it started to hurt but luckily didn't force me to stop. During the final 2 km I was so enthusiastic that I didn't feel any pain at all.

The reason for my excitement was not only that I was able to reach the finish. Once more it was B who astonished me and ran to a personal best after a training schedule what can be described as rather limited.

B's new PB of 1:42 hrs lets hope for a full marathon of 3:40-3:45 what would be another PB. The only concern is: I doubt she has done enough long runs to run at this performance level for the full length of the distance. However, she always has a good surprise up her sleeve. We'll see in Stockholm at May 31.

Monday, 12 May 2008

A biker's week

training stats
Su 11/05:
long bike, 160K, 6:47 hrs
Sa 10/05: hilly bike, 85K, 3:24 hrs
Fr 09/05: test jog/walk, 5.5K, 6x5mins
Th 08/05: bike, 95K, 4:10 hrs
We 07/05: gym 2 hrs

If you like to follow this blog through oncoming years you will notice a change from a sports blog to one of a chap who is going to get old. You won't have to wait long!

It is not only that I run slower every year. Pain increases every year I don't stop running. No longer I can hear properly with my right ear. I have been forced to use reading glasses since 4 years. In recent two years I had to undergo surgeries at my left shoulder and my right arm with effects I can still feel. But the worst was still to come: After weeks of reluctance I went to the oculist and had to face that now I will have to wear glasses all the time.

I bag your pardon - I know there are many very successful people who have been wearing glasses since their childhood. Probably they see glasses just as part of their daily equipment. For me who is not used to it, it firstly is another handycap added to the list.

However, as long as I am able to finish a day's bikeride of 160K I should not complain. Did I tell you that I have entered an Alpine bike race? (I know I didn't) 3LaenderGiro will take place on June 22 and of course I opted for the longer one of the two offered routes.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Active Non-Runner

training stats
Tu 06/05: gym 2 hrs
Mo 05/05: bike 43K, 1:40 hrs
Su 04/05: easy bike 38K, 3:30 hrs
Sa 03/05: hilly bike 108K, 4:15 hrs
Fr 02/05: gym 2 hrs
We 30/04: bike 40K, 1:38 hrs
Tu 29/04: hilly bike 38K, 1:35 hrs
Mo 28/04: treadmill test, stop after 18min

12 days to go to next half marathon, 25 days to go to next marathon.

But I havn't done a step of running... I did set up a schedule but it already is rubbish. I am still hoping to take part in both events. Next test at end of this week: It will look like the first steps of a beginner. 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking and so on. We'll see. I always managed to get to the finish line in all of my 285 races. This only worked because I didn't start when I was in doubt. Now I am in doubt but I am desperate to start and I will do it. If it works it will only do with the help of Dicofenac I reckon.

I just had to learn that Diclo was one of the reasons a Werder Bremen football player lost his kidneys. He was given these pills over years. His organs probably were not working well before taking the medicine but his fate is still a cause to think about one's own behaviour. I don't take the pills for more than 4 consecutive days and not more than 2 ones per day. But I have to admit occasions increase their frequency. Therefore I will have to think about different solutions sooner or later.