Sunday, 30 November 2008

Late Truth

stats of the week: run 30K, 2 gym sessions, 1hr indoor cycle

This was a weekend of facing the truth. I had to face that there are numerous senior runners faster than me. And I had to realise that there are far too many younger lads being more attractive than me. You are right I should have known that before. However, it is still very painful to be confronted with it in reality.

I didn't recognise before that I commemorated an anniversary today. After a break of 4 years it was my 25th race at Herten-Bertlich, which is a highly traditional meeting place of hard core runners. I ran my most loved distance of 7.5K and finished after 32:35min. The most depressing point is: I was content with my performance - until I noticed that I was more than a minute slower than ever! I hoped to win and I finished 4th out of 6 in my age group. Shouldn't I think about giving up?

Regarding the younger lads I should have given up long ago. You know I am a fighter. I should better say I was.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Runners talking

stats of the week: Run 46K, 4 gym sessions, 1hr indoor cycling
(Wow! What for is this number of workouts?)

Regular readers might have recognised that getting old is one of my most loved issues. Most times I try to pass it off as a joke but you will know better. It is too serious to be a matter of fun.

Using "Du" and "Sie" in German language is a constant mystery to native English speakers. However, it's quite easy. Between adults Du is for familiy and friends. Growingly often Du is a Must between colleagues who don't have to be friends (that's annoying).

To come to the point: Du is absolutely common between runners. Because runners are friends in principle. A runner using Sie talking to another runner shows a sign of an exceeding difference between the two persons.

Now I can't stop thinking what kind of difference it is that made a runner calling me Sie at yesterday's party. You know the only reliable answer: The difference of age was so big that I seemed to live in a different world, too far away to say Du.

Advanced German, lesson learnt: Politeness can harm ...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Upcoming plans for 2009

Did I tell you that I bought tickets to see the Athletics World Championships in Berlin, August 2009? I ordered tickets 18 months before the event and immediately had to pay. Now I discovered that there will take place a public 10K race on the official Championships' marathon route.

The men's marathon will be run on Saturday morning, the women will start on Sunday morning. The official route is a 10K lap which will be run four times. I will run it once on Saturday afternoon. Exciting! I look forward to spending this weekend in Berlin.

On the other hand I cancelled the climbing project I had planned for January. I looked up more reports of climbers who did it and felt I am not ready for this kind of challenge. To stay determined in very big heights you have to be physically and mentally strong. Stronger than I think I am. Maybe I will be more confident in a future year but this should happen soon. Once I am sixty I think it will be too late.

Be sure I will look for a peak less challenging but still entertaining

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Run with me!

Finally I managed to publish 3 New York City marathon videos on YouTube. Feel the unique atmosphere of running Big Apple:

Friday, 7 November 2008

A Matter of Routine

3:41:36 ! 182nd M55 of 1,610. 6,210th overall of 37,750

Honestly, folks, I have not expected myself to run like this. I started the race to try a speed needed for a finish below 3:50 and I would have been happy to finish below 4:00. But then everything was going so well! It was a matter of routine. I had my four bottles of personal energy drink with me, together with four pieces of carbo gum. With 3 miles to run I threw in two pieces of glucose. It turned out to be the perfect nutrition to get along. After 22 marathons it now seems I have found out what I need during the distance.

I won't have wondered if had got cramps - as a result of missing training - but I felt fine all the way. It was a proud moment to cross the finish line!

I took a number of videos during the race but they are too big to publish at Yahoo and I always have problems to get through with YouTube. I will come over with it later.

At least here is a photo of your proud and happy blogger:

My favourite photo of this year's week in New York City. Youngsters enjoy playing American football on Roosevelt Island below Queensborough Bridge.

Artificial Manhattan winter in November: Ice skating in Bryant Park.

The always happy team of interAir including VIP master runners Herbert Steffny and Wolfgang Münzel (photo by Norbert Wilhelmi).

Sunday, 2 November 2008

On the Run

Kitbag is ready, race number is fixed. Please, watch out for race number 14,075 tomorrow. With my lack of long runs I am slightly worried how far I will get. You'll see. And I'll feel.

There is an athlete tracker online during the race. With chipmats at every mile for the final 8 miles. You will be able to follow my breakdown live.

Oh dear, it's my 22nd marathon, but I am more worried than before my first one.

Photo: German master runner Herbert Steffny is shown on a big poster at the expo. He came in 3rd in the 1981 race and tried again in 2003 when he got 50. Unfortunately he had to withdraw after 18 miles. Will I get farther tomorrow?