Monday, 28 April 2008

The knee is back

training stats
Mo 28/04: gym 1 hr, treadmill test 3K, 0:20 hrs
Th 24/04: gym 2 hrs, slow jog 10K, 1:00 hrs

Irina Timofeyeva won the Hamburg Marathon clocking a new course record of 2:24:14 hrs.

I came along with friends who ran in Hamburg and took some photos of the top runners and our local athletes. If you like have a look at my gallery.

Not so good news by myself. Last Thursday I had to stop my run after 7K due to constant knee pain. Same symptoms as I had in January and February. Tried a few steps on the treadmill today but no improvement. Looks like I have to abandon running for a while to recover and hopefully get fit for Stockholm.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New start to next marathon

training stats
We 23/04: hilly bike, 67K, 2:40 hrs
Tu 22/04: rest
Mo 21/04: race 5K, 0:21:28 hrs
Su 20/04: slow bike, 25K, 1:15 hrs
Sa 19/04: hilly bike, 57K, 2:10 hrs
Fr 18/04: rest
Th 17/04: slow jog, 10K, 1:03 hrs

After London I had to pay for my low-key preparation. Both thigh muscels were hurting until Thursday. And even on the following weekend I didn't feel fully recovered.

Call me crazy - you'd be right - I entered the local 5,000 m town championships which took place on Monday evening. Call me overambitious - I calculated that this is my first year in agegroup 55 and it is the only year when there is no local competitor who is said to be faster than me. Actually I have to admit there was only one competitor. I was rather slow but I was faster than he was...

Like last year my next serious event is the Stockholm Marathon. It takes place on May 31 so there are 5 weeks to go from next Saturday on. I hope to work as B's pacemaker and we haven't yet decided what time to head for. However, it should be less than 4 hours. We will test her performance with a local half marathon on May 18. If she is able to finish in 1:44 we will try to complete the marathon in 3:44. A regular estimate is: double your half marathon time and add 15 minutes. This only works as long as you have done enough long runs, at least three 30K runs and another three ones of more than 20K you should have run at least I would say.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

London Marathon Report

May I invite you to read my photo report of this year's London Marathon. It was my 9th, and I very much hope to be back next year.

English version
German version

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Surprised by myself

Irina Mikitenko's race was the most amazing performance of the day and Martin Lel's speed was very impressive but for me my own run was almost equally surprising.

I had additional orthopedic problems all week until race day and was very worried I would not be able to finish. But the pain disappeared after the first couple of miles, I became more and more relaxed. And I just ran. Smiled and ran and ran and smiled. Right to the very finish, enjoying my day. After crossing the finish line I couldn't stop beaming. Everybody I saw was smiling at me (or about me?).

Want to know the time? HERE IT IS:

As usual I will publish a race report soon.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Good Luck - Have Fun

training stats
Tu 08/04: run, 12K, 1:07 hrs

Best wishes to all of you running on Sunday.
Don't forget we are doing it for fun. For example:

There is Buster Martin, aged 101, father of 17, who has done a half marathon in 5 and a half hours and aims to become the oldest marathon finisher ever!

There is Iva Barr. She will be running to celebrate her 80th birthday just like she did on her 70th birthday.

There is Susie Hewer who will be attempting to break the Guinnes World Record for the "Longest scarf knitted whilst running a Marathon".

There is Jean-Yves Kanyambiwa who will be running whilst dribbling a basketball in under five hours.

And there are countless more people out to have fun. Like us!

The official website says that you will be able to track your runner as he/she is running.
official or mika timing website and watch out for race number 54890

Sunday, 6 April 2008

One step to the start

training stats
Su 06/04: hilly run, 16K, 1:36 hrs
Sa 05/04: gym 2 hrs
We 02/04: long run, 31K, 3:02 hrs

That's it, folks. That's what I could do to be fit for next Sunday. Looking back it is really a low key mileage. No expert would advise to try a marathon with that kind of training. But with legs experienced by more than 20 years of running I am confident to arrive at The Mall before 1.45 pm. What would be a time of less than 4 hours.

My brain forced my body to complete a second long run of 30K on Wednesday. It was much much harder than the week before. My thigh muscles were hurting for two days and I am happy that I was back to running today.

Remember: The only target of the final week is relaxing. Any serious training will harm our performance. So I plan to do a short jog on Tuesday and another one Saturday morning with our travel group of German runners.

I will come back to you on Wednesday with last wishes for the race. Keep calm, stay relaxed.