Sunday, 28 February 2010

Double qualified

stats of the week: run 62km, 2 gyms
half marathon race 1:37:51

Initially I planned to run yesterday's half marathon race at Vreden to deliver a new qualifying time for the New York City Marathon 2010. Meanwhile I applied by referring to the same qualifying as last year and surprisingly I was already accepted. That means I got qualified for 2009 and 2010 by the same event, my Hastings Half Marathon time of March 2009.

Therefore I could start my half marathon fairly relaxed. As it happens quite often a relaxed start enables a successful run. I finished by a NYC entitling time of 1:37:51 and even better: age graded it is my second best half marathon ever! Despite my proper time I ended up placed 5th in my age group. The photo shows me on the final lap on the track defenselessly losing one rank to the grey haired competitor.

Still on track of my very low key schedule to the Two Oceans and London Marathons:

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tough and traumatic

stats of the week: run 58km, indoor cycled 3.40 hrs, 3 gyms

It was a tough week finished by today's long hilly run, in new deep snow again and hopefully for the last time this season. With running for 2 1/2 hours I crossed my very limits today and it's just unbelievable to be able to run for at least 6 hours at the Two Oceans in 6 weeks ...

It's just experience that let's me hope for race day. It's a different thing to run as part of a competitive crowd after a week of tapering off ...

After two weeks of doing more than scheduled I now should relax and keep to plans and ensure that I don't overtight my abilities.

Tonight I came across a publication which reports that long distance runners are known to have overcome more traumatic incidents than others... Personally I'd agree with this - and I still hope that my first ultra won't add to such incidents itself...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dreams not yet true

stats of the week: run 50km, indoor cycled 1 h, 2 gyms

It's now time to unveil my next dream to come true 2010: I have entered the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa. It's going to be my first ultra marathon - it finishes after 56km. Suddenly I had to face that it's only 7 weeks to go until race day, that is Easter Saturday. Immediately I set up a training schedule:

I might sound sort of arrogant - I regard my first ultra race as a training run for London. The above schedule contains Two Oceans in week 4 and ends with London in week 1.

The Two Oceans is a race with history and a very special one. Every runner gets two bibs - for front and back - and they show your age group. There are money prizes for each age group. And there are different medals from hour to hour at the finish. Cut off is after 7 hours, whoever is late will get nothing!

It's a hilly course, therefore my (not really) relaxed target will be to finish within the last possible hour, between 6 and 7 hrs. Then it's 3 weeks to recover for London. And another 4 weeks to the next dream, which I'll unveil later. To be honest I hope 2010 to become another year full of dreams come true.

Study my full schedule London 2010

Sunday, 7 February 2010

No Noise for Runner-up

stats of the week: run 34km, indoor cycled 93km, 2 gyms

After one my neighbours asked if our heating system was broken - he was hearing a constant noise for hours - I didn't tell him the reason but I googled for ways to absorb the cycletrainer's sound. I have to admit it could be noticed down in the basement while I was driving in the attic.

The solution is a thick a layer of foam plastic, topped by a massive board and a rubber mat designed for washing machines. It works perfectly and even my very sensitive apartment partner doesn't mind it any more.

Even more I managed to get all the videos running with the kind help of Carsten who told me how to do it. Finally I couldn't stop cycling a number of Dolomite passes this week.

This range of active days ended by a proper 10K road race which I finished 43:40 what made me happy today. It was my 27th race at Bertlich and I am still hoping in vain to win my age group and get a cup. For the sixth time I had to settle for runner-up today. Hope there'll be another chance in future...