Saturday, 31 October 2009

New York City Marathon 40th Anniversary

stats of this week: run 18km
stats of previous week: run 60km, 2 gyms

Greetings from New York City where I hope to finish my 5th consecutive NYC Marathon tomorrow. I have done a number of marathons without proper training but this one will be the worst! At least I managed to do just one long run of 26km last weekend in Dublin where I took the DART train to the coastal village of Bray and ran back to the hotel.

However, I will try to beat my Helsinki time of 3:59. Watch out for race no 10471 at . I am in the first wave starting at 9.40 am local time which is German time 3.40 pm.

As usual I am here with my favourite travel agency . The Massai like chap beside me is Wolfgang Münzel, a former world class hill runner. Note that I am looking slightly overweight next to Wolfgang. He is the slimmest man I have ever seen. He is now 56 but still holds a number of course records of Alpine hill runs like the Matterhorn Race which he won several times, like many other important hill races. I am proud to be able to have a run with him along Hudson River. Here we are posing while resting on the newly opened High Line - a garden promenade above 10th Avenue.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Intermediate Home Visit

Back from Nepal, meanwhile I have already published a too big gallery at picasa before I will start to work on my ordinary Annapurna Circuit trekking report. This will take some time I have to admit as I am about to leave for Dublin at first followed by New York City.

Since the Helsinki Marathon in August I haven't done a proper long run. I will run NYC with the worst preparation for a marathon I ever did. I am sure I will be suffering. That's runner's life anyway.

Here's a taste of my ample photo collection.

Village life at Ghaza

Bodnath Stupa Surroundings

Observing Kathmandu Traffic

Kathmandu Sales Kids

Manang And Annapurna Range