Sunday, 29 March 2020

Events on your own

stats of the week: run 33 km, cycled 49 km, indoors cycled 2.75 h, home gym 0.5 h

Next Sunday is the day of the cancelled Berlin Half Marathon. As many others I think about doing this race on my own like many runners ran their own Venloop today.

Strange times, strange life. We are nearly run out of toilet paper but we were able to order a treadmill that will be delivered next week. After years of avoiding the stationary bike on the attic I found the way back to it and enjoyed the workouts. While snow was falling outside I completed a 1-h-session with an average of 137 watt. Not impressive but certainly a start.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Settling down

stats of the week: run 30 km, hiked 14 km, cycled 45 km
stats of the previous week: run 18 km, hiked 18 km, gym 2 h

Things have changed a lot since my last posting. All events cancelled, all gyms closed, London Marathon postponed to 4th October.

We are still allowed to exercise outdoors but my motivation is largely gone. I still enjoy running through the woods but there is no target now to do any speed training. It's time to settle down and think about what is really important.

My regular day has not changed much. You are no longer allowed to leave your home without a good cause. However, I never left home without a reason.

photo: Hiking the Ruhr valley. The world still seems to be idyllic.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Waiting to be not disappointed

stats of the week: run 50 km, gym 3 h

Syltlauf organizers still announce that the race will take place. I reckon that many runners will not appear so the pack will certainly be well sub 1000 runners including the relay teams. I have booked travel and accommodation long ago and will not hesitate to start.

The week's mileage is again satisfying but I felt very tired and the muscle pain did not vanish completely. To be honest I would not be very disappointed when all my planned races will be cancelled. It would let me stop training until I feel ready again.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

All the pain in vain?

stats of the week: run 53 km, gym 3 h

The week's mileage is sufficient and surprisingly I was 2 minutes faster than last year at 26 km hilly race at Bad Salzuflen. However I can't feel really happy as there are still some minor pains that prevent me from sticking to the schedule especially speed sessions.

Alas - things look like all the training will be in vain as it is likely that both Berlin Half Marathon and London Marathon will be cancelled due to the Corona virus. I still have some hope for London knowing that British people are more relaxed. The most disappointing option would be a London Marathon with all overseas runners banned.