Monday, 25 May 2020

Constant muscle problems

stats of the week: run 18 km, cycled 182 km
stats of the week before: run 22 km, cycled 138 km, indoor cycled 1 h, hiked 12 km

I am rather gutted about my poor running mileage. Due to several muscle problems I had to stick to cycling most of the time and even had a number of rest days. Probably the reason is the lack of strength training and stretching. The gym has opened again meanwhile but I still hesitate to go. Our town is no corona hotspot but there are still a few new infections and I prefer to avoid the risk. However, I can't find the motivation to do strength training at home.

The one highlight of the last week was our 2-day-cycling tour. Towing the baggage trailer with my bike for 90 km each day was a good exercise and got me to my limits. This was another test for a big project I still dream of to do next year.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

75 years after - German participation

stats of the week: run 43 km, cycled 98 km, hiked 14 km

The week shows a decent amount of training, however I am still not happy with my level of performance. Okay, I should be content with this volume of exercise having in mind that I count 67 years meanwhile.

Hiking does not only exhilarate your mind. This is how spruces in the local forests look like this year due to the mighty bark beetle.

By the way the ugliest term of the year does not deal with corona. When Germany prepares to be able to throw US American atomic bombs by German jets and threatens to kill hundreds of thousands of people they call it nuclear participation.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Less bruises and higher speed

stats of the week: run 42 km, cycled 63 km, indoor cycled 1 h, hiked 30 km

In Germany we are still lucky to be allowed to do our sport outdoors. So staying at home develops to sort of a training camp.

I am very happy that I no longer have to take the antikoagulants that had been necessary for one year after my heart attack. It not only means less hematomas. To be honest I now hope to get faster again. I will do some speed intervals to show proof of that.

On our way to a hiking marathon we have now reached 30 km. 42 should be possible in a few weeks.