Sunday, 29 August 2021

Success in Berlin

stats of the week: run 14 km, cycled 90 km, indoor cycled 30 km, treadmill walked 12 km
stats of the previous week: run 35 km

The Berlin Half Marathon was a success regarded my limited volume of training. Unexpectedly I was able to finish just sub 2 hours at 1:59:29. The final 3 km were a tough fight but I finished in style in front of a doctor who inspected my eyes and let me go on to receive my well earned medal. It was such a good experience to be part of real running event again.

Now the next countdown has already started: 5 weeks to London. I hope Boris Johnson will let us in.

Photo: Enjoying the final stretch to the finish line in Berlin.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Ready for Berlin

stats of the week: run 39 km, cycled 73 km

I was able to fulfil my schedule and increased my long run to 18 km. Quite happy about this. It nearly feels like at the time I was a real runner. Now I look forward to Sunday and running my 7th half marathon in Berlin and 60th half marathon overall.

I don't feel ready for a sub 2 hours but 2:05 should be possible if it isn't a bad day. Half an hour slower than in former years, that's life.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Farewell to Provence

stats of the week: run 29 km, cycled 110 km

I was able to extend the "long" run to 12 km what is sufficient at the time. I still hope to get to about 17 or 18 km to prepare for Berlin Halfmarathon in 2 weeks. Cycling has to stand back now and I reckon most of this year's cycling is done meanwhile. I will certainly sum up more than 6,000 cycling kilometers this year what makes still one my best cycling years ever although my performance was somewhat low.

Some more impressions of my number one cycling area.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Increasing Tiredness

stats of the week: run 26 km, cycled 134 km

I increased the running distance to a 10 K and was able to finish sub 58 min what makes a proper base to build up. However, the combination of frequent running and cycling results in increasing tiredness. I will have to cut down the workouts to cope with longer runs. Just 3 weeks to Berlin. I will be happy if I can build up the long run up to 16 K.

Col de Perty is the most beautifull pass in the area.