Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Year's best 10K

stats of the week: run 31km, cycled 10km, gym 2h
stats of the week before: run 31km, cycled 126km, gym 2h

After 2 halves and one full marathon it was a time for low key jogging. But the fortnight culminated in a 10K race run at my very limits. Groaning for the final 2K I managed to clock 45:37 and was still disappointed at first because the last kilometer turned out to be too long. However, it was my year's best 10K, so no reason to moan.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Demure Scotsman

stats of the week: run 55km, bike 71km, gym 2h

My first full Marathon du Medoc was a special experience. It was a hot and sunny day, perfect party weather. Alas, I felt it a bit too hot for drinking pints of red wine, so I ended up again faster than scheduled. After 5:09 h I had 80% of the drinking pack behind me. The advantage was that the queue for the beer at the finish was shorter.

I have to do it again with more time and more red wine. And as a free Scotsman :-)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sundays' experiment

stats of the week: run 48km, cycled 81km, gym 2h
stats of the week before: run 45km, cycled 50km, gym 5h

The experiment of 2 half marathons on 2 consecutive Sundays was successful. The first one was flat and planned as sort of exercise with restrained speed. However, I finished it slightly faster than scheduled after 1:53 h. Obviously it wasn't too fast as the second half marathon was faster than planned, too. I clocked 1:41 on a hilly, strenuous course and was ranked 2nd of my age group. This was just luck as there was only one really fast 60-year-old taking part.

A minor part of the experiment was to wear lightweight shoes on 21K, for a much longer distance than I usually do. Success again, no pain, no problems.