Sunday, 19 October 2008

2 weeks to go

stats of the week: run 64K, bike 114K, gym 2 sessions

Experts' marathon schedules usually recommend 4 to 6 long runs of at least 30K. I am happy that today I was able to complete my only 30K run building up to NYC. Therefore I have to be realistic regarding my race target.

My recent half marathon time suggests that I would be able to run the full distance with a time of around 3:30 hrs. But due to my lack of long runs I am sure this is not realistic. An experienced runner might be able to race shorter distances at a reasonable speed without proper training but it is not possible to transfer this perfomance to marathon distance. There is nothing that can make up for the necessary long training runs.

Moreover NYC has a very challenging route profile. Top level runners always finish about 5 min slower than their PBs. A middle of the pack runner will have to add around 15 min to his time. Congruesly I should be happy to finish with a time of 3:50 to 4:00 hrs.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Amazing success

stats of the week: run 45K, bike 38K, gym 1 session

Yesterday's half marathon race was a personal success with a finish time of 1:37 hrs and my knee staying calm. However I have to wait for the next workout on Tuesday to learn if the knee is really happy with it.

It was a brave race and I should say thanks to A who accompanied me for half of the distance and also to JP who I desperately tried to catch up with as he is in my age group. However, shortly after I managed to get to his side after 15K we faced the first hard ascent and I had to pay for the hunt. I nearly broke down while A and JP quickly opened up a fast growing gap. I only saw them again behind the finish line.

Luckily biking B cheered me up and finally I was able to finish in style. Imagine my amazement when I recognized that JP and A were still on the route! They got lost and the detour took them 10min! Anyway I didn't refuse the prize I got for 2nd place in my age group...

photo: Almost 10K run with the speed helped by A

photo 2: Together with D we overtook the leading woman! That makes up for the Dortmund race where I was lapped by the winning lady!

photo 3: After the first ascent I was even more happy to have biking B with me to cheer me up

photo4: Happy senior drinker

Sunday, 5 October 2008

4 weeks to go

stats of the week: run 48K, bike 56K, gym 2 sessions

New York Road Runners have revised the start's organisation. Now there are 3 waves of 13,000 runners each, which are released every 20 minutes from 9.40am onwards. I am happy to see that I will be in the first wave so I won't have to wait as long as in recent years. And moreover I will be able to experience the start festivities like singing the hymn and playing Frank Sinatra. I doubt they will repeat this with every wave.

And I am happy that I could complete my first proper long run today. It was just the first step building up to New York but it could have come worse. The next test is pending for Saturday when I plan to run the local half marathon on a partly tough course with two or three ascents.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Count down started

stats recent week: 39K run, 200K cycled, 1 gym session

I felt that New York has come quite close but I didn't recognise that it was just 5 weeks to go last Sunday! It is the same situation as it was every marathon during last 2 years. My mileage would not be recommended to anyone to try a marathon with this kind of training having done.

I have got my number. I am lucky to be able to travel to New York at no costs for myself. I will try to run. No question!
My main hope is that all the cycling I have done during summer will help me running the distance. My 10K race was much faster than I expected, finished with 43:03min. But it is a different story to run a marathon. Without proper preparation it will be VERY tough.
Next Sunday will give a first sign when I have scheduled the first of 3 long runs - 25K which I should do without too much pain to stay on route for NY.
This is my weekly emergency schedule. Not recommended as I said, it's an experiment.