Sunday, 29 April 2012

No meat for my muscles

stats of the week: run 8km, cycled 80km, gym 2hrs

African record holder Mary Keitany signs bib of a very slow runner. Is it compassion?

It was a week of hurting muscles and unpatiently and vainly waiting for recover. I once more have to think about changes in preparing for the marathon and nutrition during the race. Once again I got the impression that I reached my performance peak 2 or 3 weeks before race day.

I was not amused to hear the suggestion I should try some meat. Never ever. I'd rather stop marathon running.

DO NOT FORGET: Tomorrow, Monday April 30, is London Marathon Ballot Day.
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost a great day

London Marathon Result 2012: 3:52:14

It was going to be a great day. Bright sunshine, spectacular crowds, two brilliant champions, a Kenyan record. But sadly there also was the 11th death within 32 London Marathons. A young and well trained lady collapsed close to the finish line on Birdcage Walk. Claire Squires' donation website has rocketed now to more than half a million pound.

For me the day was enjoyable until 30K. Then the story suddenly turned to become my 3rd bad marathon in a row. Having lost all my power I preferred to walk several times in anxiety for my health and I feared not to get to the finish line. Only by stepping gently I was able to approach The Mall. However, I am not really disappointed. Number 13 is in the box.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Up and down

stats of the week: run 19km, gym 5hrs

Sports is a constant up and down. Last weekend was a very high up, now I'm down again. Recovering from the Easter half marathon race I developed a hamstring muscle problem that resists all attempts of therapy. I havn't been superstitious till now - is it a bad omen that this is going to be my 13th London Marathon?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Half practise and full theory

stats of the week: run 48km, gym 1.5hrs

Irina is fit for London. Running the 10K at Paderborn she clocked 31:44min after she had just arrived from high level training in the U.S. According to the WMA tables she'd be able to run a 2:23h on the marathon distance. Too slow to win  London in two weeks but certainly she'll make it for the top five and the money ranks.

For me Paderborn was one of the very few days when everything is perfect. A fast course, perfect weather conditions and a good day for myself. 1:36:27 is a time I'd have thought to be impossible. I improved my age graded personal best on a half marathon by more than 2 minutes and overall it has been the best performance since 8 years. The mentioned tables see me running a marathon in 3:21 what makes me laugh. This is pure theory as I always lack in performance on longer distances and I will be very happy to run a sub 3:40. More realistic is 3:45. But I don't worry as this year's success is already in the box now.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tapering to die

stats of the week: run 79 km, gym 3 hrs

Did you spot the news? 101-year-old Fauja Singh is preparing to run the London Marathon again! I love his statement why he refused to go for a shorter distance than the full marathon: "If I have to die then I should be blamed for running no less than the full 42 K." That's what I ever have said: If I have to die it should happen while running.

The latest official London Marathon newsletter recommended to start tapering now. That' s not my choice of schedule. I was happy to do a midweek long run and crowned the week by running a hilly half marathon race. I've to admit my pace was significantly too high to get fully recovered for next Saturday's Easter Half Marathon. I prefered to enjoy the day and don't regret.