Sunday, 15 June 2008

One week left to meet the Alpine Queen

training stats
Su 15/06:
run, 9K, 0:50 hrs
Sa 14/06: hilly bike, 111K, 1200hm, 4:40 hrs
Fr 13/06: run, 8K, 0:45 hrs
Th 12/06: gym 2 hrs
We 11/06: bike, 67K, 500hm, 2:38 hrs
Tu 10/06: hilly bike, 45K, 800hm, 1:55 hrs
Mo 09/06: hilly bike, 69K, 700hm, 2:50 hrs
Su 08/06: jog/walk, 10K, 1:05 hrs

Mid of the week I seemed to have lost any motivation to do any more biking. The weather was fine but I was fed up with hills to wind up. So I end up with less mileage than I intended to do to be prepared for next Sunday's bike race. I still hope to be fit enough to climb the "Queen of Alpine passes",
Stelvio Pass with a height of 2,757 meters. I have never done anything like this. Our local hills have not more than 150 meters of height difference. So I always try to collect a good number of them on my tours but it will be sort of different to climb for 3 hours without any chance to recover.

(wiki photo)

Anyway, the week's best news is that today I was able to run 9K and 50 minutes without any knee pain - and without diclo!

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