Sunday, 12 April 2009

56 and very tired

stats of week 3: run 56K, cycled 4hrs, 2 gyms

I am 56 now. FIFTY-SIX! When I was 24 my father died of a double heart attack. He was aged 56. Since then I always have imagined myself to pass away at 56.

However, I don't feel like dropping dead tomorrow. In fact I feel like 40! Okay, there is lost hair, a weak sight, wonky teeth, arthritic knees, a deaf ear. Er - I have to admit this doesn't sound like 40 ... but most body functions are still working! Come back in April 2010 to see if I still will be alive.

Once again I missed a running workout this week. I did a tough cycling tour instead, so I am not concerned. But today I had trouble to get through my urgent long run of 30K. I got so tired I don't think that I would have been able to finish a marathon today... It will be really important to recover satisfyingly until race day.

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