Sunday, 11 April 2010

Attempt of Vindication

stats of the week: recovery time! just 50km mountain bike done

Sabine, you're obviously right! I was sort of carried away to run my first ultra marathon as part of preparations for the London Marathon. I have to admit I won't even have thought of doing this in recent years. Formerly I even refused to ascend my bike to avoid any chance of being injured. But with 10 Londons put in the box things change.

Last year I did the London Marathon followed by our local Karstadt Marathon 3 weeks later. I got the feeling that my performance was better in the latter one. That let me try the double again, this time with Two Oceans first and London following.

To my excuse I point out that I didn't test my very limits on the Two Oceans. As you see I was still able to smile on Chapman's peak. Alas - the stride has got the form of a shuffle already.

Luckily there is no photo of the scene which saw me forced to stop due to a stomach upset.
I managed to get over it with only 5km to go and found back to an inside happyness, now knowing I'd make it to the finish line.

It's done:

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