Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Biker's Smile

stats of the week: run 12km, cycled 276km

3LaenderGiro (Austria-Italy-Switzerland)
168km, 3,500hm, 8:49 hrs, 1,315th of 1,681 men, 519th of 721 men aged 50-57

Being 2 years older but with 2 more years of cycling experience I managed to cut 47 minutes off my recent time on this challenging route, passing Stelvio and Oven Pass. Two years ago I had to dismount my bike with just 1km to the finish, this time I made it to the end by a constant smile. Smiling was undoubtedly increased by overtaking the unconcerned novice race biker Holger K. just at the same point where I had to walk last time.

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